July 13, 2021

3 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Inbox You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

3 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Inbox You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Have you ever caught yourself fantasizing about pausing your inbox so no one could bother you?

Have you daydreamed about what it would be like to really free yourself from the distracting, time-suck that is all things email?

Luckily, there IS a simple business system that can stop you from wasting so much valuable time on your email and keep you from being a slave to your notifications.

Not only that but this easy way of systematizing and streamlining your inbox can give you back an extra 10 or more hours in your week! This is not a joke or a drill.


  • One of my all-time favorite tools as a small business owner that will revolutionize your way of doing email.
  • The top three features of this incredible, time-saving tool and why they will be a game-changer for you.
  • The real reason you waste so much time in your inbox.
  • How business systems like this support you as a visionary leader AND how you can work with me to go even deeper and create the freedom and impact you’re truly craving.

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Courtney Elmer  0:11  

What's up Welcome back to the systems Made Simple podcast. This is Episode 78. And this is the next installment in our summer series designed to help you streamline the back end of your business. And in today's episode, I'm going to give you three quick tips to help you streamline your inbox so that you can stop wasting so much time there and save 10 or more hours a week. Yeah, I'm not kidding. That much time. Did you know that a recent survey found that the average person in the workplace spends 3.1 hours a day sending and checking their emails alone. Now, when you add that up, that's about 15 and a half hours per week. And when you really sit and do the math, this is about 20 full weeks of the year. What Yes, it's frickin nuts. And I'd be willing to bet that these stats are worse for online business owners. How many times a day do you look at your inbox? between your phone, your computer, maybe even your iPad? Go ahead and take a guess how many times do you check to distract yourself when you're feeling bored? When you're waiting on a response, and you keep checking to see if it's there yet, when you're procrastinating a bigger task that needs to get done. And the statistics about how much time the average person spends on social media. Hmm, huh, add that in. Now then we're really getting into some messy territory, it's just downright scary. So today's quick tip is a simple system that's going to help you streamline your inbox so you can stop wasting your valuable time there, and being a slave to your notifications. But before I give you this hack, a word of caution. streamlining your inbox is only half the battle. The real reason people spend too much time in their inbox isn't because they don't have anything better to do we both know there's more important things on your to do list than checking and responding to email. However, the real reason you waste time in your inbox, is because you value your time, too little. And that's why in our programs, we don't just hand out systems willy nilly. Because as much as we all love Advil to get rid of our headaches, quick tips, and systems aren't going to solve all your business problems until you get underneath the root of why those problems exist in the first place. So any system that I give you here on the show is meant to support you Yes, but it's only going to take you so far. Which is why if you ever have the opportunity to work with me, we dig deep into your systems, we dig deep into your mindset and dig deep into the shifts that you need to make in both to create the freedom and the influence and the impact that you're craving, the kind of freedom and impact that sustainable and scalable for you specifically. Now that said the tool that I'm about to give you is one of my all time favorites. To my knowledge, this plugin only works currently with Gmail, Outlook and email on any mobile device. It's got a ton of features. But when you install this plug in and start using just three of those features that I'm going to share with you here today, you will save yourself hundreds of hours of time and your inbox in the long run. Think of what you could do with that time. If you've ever fantasized about pausing your inbox, so no one can bother you listen closely to what I'm saying right now. First things first, you're going to install this app called Boomerang by going to Boomerang app.com. I'm not a sponsor, we're not affiliated with them in any way. They have multiple options. There's a free forever plan, they have some paid versions, and I think you get a 30 day free trial of some of the higher tier versions. So go to Boomerang app.com. Download it for your device, and for your email provider, whether that's Gmail, Outlook, whatever you use, and then follow the instructions to get it set up. Then play around with my favorite features, which is the inbox pause feature. What this does is it allows you to set a schedule to bring your emails into your inbox. So just like your mailman might come with the mail every afternoon at 4pm. That's when our mailman comes, he's usually right there around four o'clock. We hear that mailman dropping off the mail in our mailbox.

Courtney Elmer  4:35  

You can do the same with your inbox. Who knew right? It's amazing. You got to try it. So it's the pause your inbox feature and you can set a schedule for this app to bring in your emails at a time that you set. That way you're not getting distracted from your focused work time by being tempted to go check your email just to see if anything new has come in. Your mind is free to focus because it knows that, hey, at four o'clock, all of my emails will be in my inbox, or 12 o'clock or 8am, or whatever time it is that you put, you can put multiple times if you want, I love to have them come in first thing in the morning, I handle them before AJ wakes up. That way they are done. Everything I need to respond to has been responded to we start our day. And then I have them scheduled another time in the afternoon generally around the time when he's napping, so that I can sit down when I'm sitting down during that focused work time, I can respond to anything that needs responding to and move on with my day, it is the most liberating thing ever, you got to try it for yourself. So that's my favorite feature number one. Number two, you can now schedule your meetings directly in email, how many times have you sent a link to your calendly or your book of phi or acuity or whatever scheduling software that you use? Imagine how much simpler it could be. If you could share specific times in your email, reply to someone, you know those specific scenarios where you might not want to open up your whole calendar, maybe you're just trying to squeeze in a specific appointment. Or maybe this is something that's not actually an event on your calendar, it's a different type of meeting, or something like that, you can actually schedule meetings directly in your email, there is a calendar integration feature that you plug into your email, we have people comment on this all the time we do this, it makes it so easy for them to book appointments directly from the email, they can literally click in the email, pick the time they want, it sends a calendar invite to both of you and blocks the time off on your calendar, boom done. simplest thing ever, it has saved so much time from us constantly having to make sure that our calendar software is updated. Because we have the control to go in and select what times we put it in the person can schedule, and it's done saves so much time. So that's feature number two. feature number three is something that gets a little bit cool and crazy. And this is a feature called responsible and it uses AI to help you write better, more actionable emails. So what does that even mean? Well, imagine, all that time you spend with those fingers hovering over your keyboard, trying to figure out what to say, how to say it. And all the other things that come up whenever you're sitting there trying to compose an email. Well, with artificial intelligence, you know it exists, we might as well use it right? It's going to help you get more responses to your emails, always make sure that you're striking the right tone. And it's going to give you insight into how you write to help you enhance and strengthen your writing. Amazing, amazing stuff. So that feature is really fun. And then also, this feature exists in Gmail, we use Gmail. So we have this feature in Gmail. But if you don't use Gmail, and your email software does not provide this feature, another little bonus feature that we do love that Boomerang provides is the ability to schedule messages. And this is a feature I use all the time. Because when I'm only checking my email at certain times of the day, that also means I'm only replying to email at certain times of the day. Sometimes those times of the day are weird times, because my work hours are around my family schedule. So sometimes I'm working at 6am. Sometimes I'm working on a Saturday morning. And it just depends week to week, when I'm actually sitting down to work. Now I don't necessarily want to email someone at 9pm at night or on a Saturday morning. But I can schedule that email to go out at a more reasonable time, the next day or the following week, whenever I want to schedule that out. So that really helps as well. Utilizing that batch method to really sit down, reply to your emails, schedule them out your inboxes pause the rest of the time, you don't have to worry about missing anything or anything coming in. it'll all come in on that schedule, and Boomerang does it all for you right there. Now, why is this useful? Well said Think about it for a minute. If you weren't spending 3.1 if you weren't spending 3.1 hours on average every day in your inbox, how much more focused work could you get done? How many distractions could you minimize? How much time could you save? What would you do with that time?

Courtney Elmer  9:27  

What Boomerang does is it frees you up from that time suck of email. And it allows you to stay in control so that your inbox doesn't control you. So for your action item this week, you're going to go install this app and try it out. What do you have to lose? Only more time in your inbox? If you don't, that's what so next week, I'm going to share one more secret with you on how to save time when it comes to replying to emails and automating that process so that whether it's you or someone on your team handling your inbox, you can stop frustrating time suck of replying to each and every inquiry that comes through once and for all. That's all coming up next week. So join me back here. Until then, go live your effortless life.