April 19, 2022

Is Your Current Sales System Costing You Clients?

Is Your Current Sales System Costing You Clients?

If you feel like clients are slipping through your fingers as you try to grow a business, but can’t quite figure out why, this week’s episode is for you! I’m sharing insider info on the business systems you need to pay attention to PLUS the sales roadmap you need to scale a business now.

You know you need to make sales to grow a business, but what is the number one reason people aren’t currently buying your offer?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re not alone and today, I’m giving you insight into the business systems you need to be focusing on to increase your sales ASAP!

This week is part two of our 3-part mini-series where I’m lifting the curtain and giving you insider access to never-before-seen content all about sales systems and how they can help you scale a business.


  • The primary reason people aren’t buying from you, and how to fix it so you can not only grow a business, but make a bigger impact
  • The business systems roadmap to move your customers from point A (where they are now) to point B (becoming your customer or client) 
  • The sales mechanisms you need to scale a business and not lose potential clients along the way

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Courtney Elmer 0:00  

What's up Welcome back. It is a another episode of the System's Made Simple™ Podcast. And today is episode 118. And we're continuing this business systems mini series that we've been doing on sale systems. Last week, I lifted the business systems curtain for you and revealed what a sale system is not. And today we're going to take a look at whether or not your current business systems sale system is costing you clients. Because if your goal is increased revenue this year, then keep listening because all of that is coming up next. 

Globally ranked among the top shows in business systems and education, we're known for one thing, helping overworked entrepreneurs like you learn how to run your business like a true visionary leader, because when you get the business systems support, and structure in place, you can spend more time in your zone of genius. So if you're tired of listening to today's business influencers teach this same old worn out marketing strategies that aren't making you any money, it's time to take a look under the hood of your business systems and fix the engine itself. Because the truth is, you don't have to work as hard as you are now to scale beyond six figures, and create the greater influence income and impact that you deserve. And the secret to scaling starts on the back end of your business systems. This is the System's Made Simple™ Podcast.

So before we jump in today, I want to thank our featured listener this week, and their handle on Apple is have to wake up early. I love that. They say that Courtney Elmer has the answers to change your life. I love how she breaks the mold of what's familiar and common. Her business systems advice is spot on. And her positive attitude is incredibly inspiring. Oh, my goodness, thank you so much for taking the time to let me know that, really means a lot. But not only that, your review is going to help others find this show. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, I really appreciate that. And for you listening if you haven't left a review yet. 

And if you missed the announcement last week, we are doing a special prize giveaway where you can win three of my favorite things The first being hands down the best business systems building book out there when it comes to getting some of these business systems installed in place within your business systems. Second, your choice on one of our most popular resources either how to start a profitable podcast of your own a short course that I've created that's designed to help you learn how to leverage a podcast to drive traffic to your business. Or you can get instant access to an insider sequence that we have. We call this our call to action sequence.

But this is an automated business systems sequence that you will set up in your email service provider it takes you less than half an hour to set this up. And it is going to save you time from having to write weekly email after weekly email after weekly email. And it's going to help you start repurposing some of your best content so that those subscribers that join your list are receiving that content, they're getting nurtured from you and you are keeping them warm so that the next time you go to launch something they are ready to buy. So you'll get your choice of one of those resources. 

And then finally, we're throwing in a $25 amazon gift card for you to treat yourself to something you work hard, you've earned it or if you want to put that towards your business systems, you can do that too. So all you have to do to enter is scroll down in your Apple app, tap the five stars and write a new review. This does not have to be an essay that does not have to be a paragraph long it can be a sentence, we are going to randomly draw from the reviews that we get once a month and announce the winner on air. So be sure that you are listening each week because we'll be announcing those winners.

Courtney Elmer 3:45  

Okay, so we're back this week with our three part mini series where I am lifting the business systems curtain and giving you insider access to never before same content that we usually reserved only for our top level students. And we've been talking all about sales systems, what a sale system is, what it's not, and why you need it if you want to make more money with your business systems. So if you missed last week's episode, I highly encourage you go back and listen because we talked about the difference between a sale system and a sales funnel because there is a major distinction. And we talked about how understanding the nuances between them is going to help you design a sales system that truly serves your business systems that frees up your time that helps you redirect that time in your zone of genius doing whatever it is that you got into business for in the first place. The thing that you love the thing that you sit there every day and go I wish if I had more time, I could do this every day all day. 

Now in today's business systems episode, I'm going to show you the number one reason why people aren't buying from you and how to fix it so that you can increase your sales, help more people and make a bigger impact. And as I mentioned last week, if you've been listening to the show For a while, then that there are four main business systems, every online business owner needs, visibility, sales, deliverability, and operations. All four of these business systems are critical if you want to succeed in business without working yourself to exhaustion. But sales is the one that most people tend to focus on often at the expense of the others. Because as a business owner, , as well as I that you need sales if you want to stay in business. 

So today, I'm going to give you the roadmap to move your customers from point A, which is where they are now to point B, becoming your customer or client where you want them to be, and what you need to be thinking about in terms of your current sales mechanisms that you have in place in your business systems in order not to lose or miss out on potential clients along the way. You ready? Let's roll the tape on that conversation. As I mentioned, a good sale system does more than generate revenue for your company. Sure, yeah. On the one hand, it does do that. We can say that that's its primary goal. 

But on the other hand, a sales system, when done correctly, is designed to solidify and reinforce someone's belief that you, your brand, your product, is the ultimate solution to their problem. Without this belief in you, without this belief that your offer is the solution they will not buy. That is so important. I'm saying it again, without belief in you, your program, your product, your service, as the solution to their problem, they will not buy. This is where many online business owners get stuck. And this is this part where they get frustrated, they follow the recipe, but they can't get the desired result. They're like, what is going on here? Why can't I get the sales that I'm looking for? 

And it's because they're missing an essential ingredient. They're missing, they're doing the cross your fingers method, when really what they need is knowing how to set up their customer journey in such a way that reinforces and solidifies their potential customers and belief along the way. A mentor of mine once said, The transformation begins with the transaction, you can't help someone unless they're paying you to help them. 

Courtney Elmer 7:56  

That is the ultimate rapport establishing action that has to take place. For me, as a coach, I have plenty of people in my life that could use my business systems help, let me tell you, I can already start rattling off names within my family, my friends groups, you probably feel the same way you oh you from the outside looking in, you could see why they're struggling with their business systems and you want to help them. And I've made the mistake of trying to jump in and coach someone who I did not have rapport with and who did not, essentially give me their assent or their permit permission to coach them. And then it evolves the best case. 

Best example, again, that I can give you is with my dear husband, Alan. And there have been many moments in our marriage where I jumped into coach mode, and he shuts down. And I really had to learn from that and to learn to ask, do you want me to listen now? Are you looking for advice? Are you looking for coaching? Or sometimes he wants me to listen. And now sometimes when I asked that question, you will ask for coaching. But the person has to give you their permission. 

In the online space, a lot of times you're doing business with people you don't know you haven't necessarily met them. They've met you and your brand online, but you have not necessarily had a personal conversation with them to speak of. And so you're asking a lot of them. And that's why the shifting of belief really helps to build trust. And because the transformation begins with the transaction, it's like the permission slip to say, Okay, I want your help, I need your help. But if they are not convinced that you are the person who can truly solve their problem, you're gonna continue struggling in your business systems to sell anything. That's when you get desperate. And that's when you might turn to those sleazy, slimy kind of desperate salesy approaches that nobody likes and that will backfire.

Like I said, we all know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that. And so what I'm going to show you is how to create a business system sale system that brings in sales because it convicts people in a positive way that you have the solution for them. And this is why I like the term convict more than convinced we are not convincing anyone here. Because convincing means to be persuaded that something is true. This is something that happens externally. So think about it for a second, if someone is persuading you, that is an external pressure, there is someone that implies that there is someone else doing the persuading. And the movement might happen within your head, ? Like, okay, logically, I get that. Yeah, I'm convinced I see what you're saying makes sense. But it stops there. When you think about being convicted. 

Again, in a positive way, not in a like you're going to jail way, a positive way to feel convicted of something. This is a movement that happens internally. When you begin building a sales system, before we can get into any of the technical aspects of this, we have to be clear, crystal clear on a few things. First, we have to as my dear old dad would always say, begin with the end in mind, I can't tell you the number of times my dad would say that growing up, and I would like roll my eyes like al, Dad, I know, I know what you're going to say, begin with the end in mind. And sometimes I would apply that advice. And it would be very useful and helpful.

Other times, I didn't really do that at all. And I'm like, No, I'm going to do it my own way. And then I would jump into something haphazardly. And of course, hindsight is always 2020. And I would eventually realize yes, should have listened. So beginning with the end business system in mind, we have to in order to move someone to an to the desired result, the very first thing that we want to figure out is what do we want them to do? What is the end result that we're looking for? And so you have to get very specific here and choose one primary Call to Action per sales funnel? What is the desired result?

Courtney Elmer 12:11  

Is it to schedule a call? Is it to purchase a product? Is it to sign up for a webinar? Or is it to invest in your program, what is the one ultimate thing the desired result the end result that you want? Now, this is not to say that there won't other there won't be other smaller calls to action along the way, in your funnel, maybe you have them invite them to download a lead magnet first, then you offer them something low ticket, then you offer them something high ticket, I will show you an example of this business systems in action in a moment. But the end result, the end desired results. If I'm thinking about our podcast program, the business systems end result is I want them to invest in the program, I want them to buy the program. And I want to welcome them as a student into the program. 

So that's the end result. So that's the business systems you've got to get clear on first. And I want you to think of this individually for each funnel that you build in your business systems. Because eventually you're going to have multiple funnels in your business systems. And you're going to go through this process for each one, each one will have a specific call to action. So the next we want to fine tune these ingredients a little bit, what is the specific transformation that you're providing? What are you promising them this is later going to become your your product or program promise. But what's the transformation? When they arrive at point B, , they're starting out at a which is where they are now. 

And you are building a bridge essentially through this entire four step process here to help them get to point B point B is the transformation what is that promise? So to be clear on that then asking yourself okay, what do they get when they buy? How are you delivering this transformation? So this has to do with the product or program itself? This will later become your program container. So is this a certain number of modules? Is this a one on one work they get to do with you? What are they getting, like the tangibles of that? How are you delivering that transformation? You're giving them the vehicle to get from A to B now, okay, is it a minivan? Is it a semi truck? Is it a bicycle? What is the actual container through which they that they will arrive at point B that they will cross that terrain? 

And then finally, what's your offer? And what's the specific problem that it solves? Each business system that you create will have a distinct offer. And so by beginning with the end in mind, it helps us to before we even put anything in place to fine tune the ingredients so that when it comes time to build the business systems, all you have to do is plug and play as opposed to doing it the other way and trying to build the business systems first without These ingredients, trying to get it running and then not getting the end result and not knowing what specifically needs to be tweaked.

So, finally, we want to ask, What beliefs need to be overcome at each step? So like you did for your visibility business systems, what's the belief that's preventing them from knowing about you to get in curious about what you do? And how can you shift that? What's another belief or two or three beliefs that are preventing them from being curious and interested about your product to 110? Yet to needing it? And how can you overcome those? And finally, what objections because beliefs are usually disguised as objection? chances are you already know what objections are they coming up with their excuses to not buy? And how can you overcome those for them? And then the final question, what else can I include? 

Once you have all of these things, you have clarity on these things? What else can I include to make this truly irresistible to make it as I say, a no brainer, like, Are you kidding me, of course, I'm gonna buy this because this is an absolute no brainer. So once you're clear on the desired outcome, and you fine tune the ingredients, then it gets easy, because now we have to simply put together the recipe and plug it into the sales system template. So I'm going to show you an example of this. And then we're going to go deeper with this, we are going to continue working through this kind of in a step by step way, this is really to give you the 30,000 foot view, which I find is always easier to have the roadmap to where you're heading, , so that kind of where we're going from here. So this is what this might look like. In actuality, when all is said and done, it might look something like this, this is literally me lifting the curtain and showing you the funnel. For our podcast program. This is what it looks like. Awareness is built through our visibility strategy on social media, and on our podcast,

Courtney Elmer 17:11  

we create interest with our lead magnets. And when they raise their hand and download one of those lead magnets, we know they're curious. They've raised their hand and told us so. So then in the email sequences that go out, following that lead magnet, we open loops, we overcome beliefs, we create desire for what we're about to invite them to take action on. And I include demand as well, because this is, , we all as humans kind of operate by a sense of urgency, , it's a limited time, or this is only going to be open for two days, or I need to take action now, to create that demand. So desire and demand, they are created through those email sequences. And then we invite them to take action for the first time. So this cycle really repeats, this continues, we invite them to take action. 

And when they purchase this, which is our workshop, it's a simple workshop that they can attend. It also generates awareness of guess what a new problem that we're going to solve for them. And we're generating awareness of that new problem. And then through this sequence, generating interest, , what, what is it that you can help me solve, and then creating desire and demand for what we're about to invite them to next, and finally inviting them to take action. And what we do, as I mentioned, , in each of these email sequences, is simply address a belief or an objection or commonly asked question about the program about the offer itself. And we address that in all of our emails. And on the sales pages, you can notice these are the pages we have an opt in page, opt in page, sales page, and two sales pages for these programs. 

Actually, it's one sales page for both of these but two offers on the same one. So this is essentially what a sales system might look like. And again, each business systems funnel is unique. You're going to basically be replicating the systems which is awareness, interest, desire, action, awareness, Interest, Desire action, and then creating that within each individual business systems funnel. 

Okay, so if you learned something new today, I really want to hear about it. Get out your phone now. Open up your Instagram and DM me @thecourtneyelmer, and let me know your biggest takeaway from this episode. Bonus points. If you screenshot this episode, share it to your stories and tag me and when you do, I will give you a shout out to my community of around 7000 entrepreneurs and get your name in front of them. 

Now coming up next week on the show we're talking about the secret to a scalable Sale system because it's one thing to have a sale system in your business systems. But it's another thing to have a scalable Sale system. So we are going to walk you through what that looks like, so that you can unlock a whole new level of revenue by having a sales system that's actually scalable in your business systems. See you back here next Tuesday. Until then, go live your EffortLESS Life®.