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Christina Jandali

Business Growth Strategist

Christina is a confidence boosting, cash creating Business Growth Strategist who helps coaches and course creators start, grow and scale their digital business online. After becoming a millionaire in her mid 20’s (losing it and rebuilding it over again) and working in finance where she managed over $500,000,000 in clients assets, Christina realized she was done with the shackles of corporate. She was ready to break free to build her own dream business, not someone else’s.

In just 6 years, Christina built a company from ground zero to multi 7-figures, while helping thousands of new, aspiring and seasoned business owners in more than 68 countries across the globe.

Aug. 16, 2022

Use This Rapid Audience-Building Formula to Get More Leads with Chris…

Today’s guest, Christina Jandali is here to show you simple, underutilized business growth strategies for getting organic leads t…

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