Aug. 16, 2022

Use This Rapid Audience-Building Formula to Get More Leads with Christina Jandali

Use This Rapid Audience-Building Formula to Get More Leads with Christina Jandali

Today’s guest, Christina Jandali is here to show you simple, underutilized business growth strategies for getting organic leads to your business quickly. PLUS, she’s sharing how to scale a business with niching and why this is so important for lead generation.

When you list your top three struggles as an online business owner, does lead generation make the cut?

If your answer is, “YES!!”, you’re not alone!

Today’s guest, Christina Jandali, is an expert when it comes to business growth strategies and she’s worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe to teach them how to scale a business using organic leads.


  • The #1 reason lead generation can feel like such a struggle for online entrepreneurs
  • Which business growth strategies you should be focusing on for your specific business
  • How to scale a business quickly with niching 

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Courtney Elmer 0:00  

Welcome back, you're listening to the System's Made Simple™ Podcast and this is episode 135. My special guest today is going to show you a simple underutilized strategy for getting organic leads to your business quickly so you can get your message in front of more people and create the greater impact you're looking to create within your business. And no, it does not require you to dance on Tik Tok, or create Instagram reels or do anything on social media, you're gonna want to hear this stay tuned. 


Courtney Elmer 2:51  

I'm joined by Christina Jandali, a business growth strategist who helps coaches and course creators build a raving fan base and produce profits in their business that are scalable. Now Christina herself is a self-made millionaire, she started her business from nothing from total scratch during maternity leave from her corporate job. And since then she has grown her business and she has worked with 1000s of entrepreneurs around the world to help them create predictable cash flow within their business. So get excited because this is going to be the secret to fixing all of your social media woes! And Christina and I are also going to talk about the link between your audience's emotional connection to you and the impact this has on your bank account and why If you want deeper pockets, you need to create deeper connections. I'm so delighted that you're here today.

Christina Jandali 5:12  

Thanks for having me excited to be here Courtney Elmer.

Courtney Elmer 5:14  

To kick our conversation off to hear your take on why you feel like it's such a struggle for people to generate leads consistently in their business?

Christina Jandali 6:36  

It's such a great question Courtney Elmer, it's so much to say on this as we go into it, too. We all want to convert more leads into paying clients paying customers and buyers. And as we move into, , as far as digital world, and there's all these different mechanisms, different social media outlets, different ways to be able to generate leads, I actually think more noise creates more confusion, and everyone's trying to do all of the things they can Well, if I'm on all the platforms, then I'm doing all the things and I'm doing all the strategies, that's gonna give me a bigger reach. And that's complete BSAnd the more that we focus in and zero and go all in on fewer things. And quite honestly, one thing until you nail that down, the more successful we're going to be. There's only ever has been, and there only ever will be three mechanisms or means of generating traffic, Courtney Elmer.

Christina Jandali

There's free, which means that you're spending a heck of a lot of time and a heck of a lot of effort to produce a result. So that means that you're on the socials, maybe you're doing speaking, maybe you're doing different activities that are for free, but you're spending your time. So if there's a cost, there's a cost with anything that we do time or money, what are the two, right, so we look at free, then we have paid advertising. And we've certainly noticed with more restrictions and things that are coming up when it comes to paid advertising, our targeting is not nearly as good. Since iOS updates came with Facebook ads, Courtney Elmer, I noticed less qualified leads harder to track leads, leads getting more expensive. And we're actually moving into a trend right now that we can talk about later on but paid advertising becomes a challenge and it becomes costly. And if your back end isn't effectively set up and you don't have a mechanism to convert those leads into buyers, you're likely going to go out of business, because you're going to be spending significantly more than what you would, you're going to be spending way more money now.

Christina Jandali

And then the third is joint venture, Courtney Elmer. And joint venture traffic is where we have the opportunity to access audiences of other people who are already marketing to our ideal audience. And when we're in collaboration, when we have joint venture traffic, they really are highest quality leads, they have the capacity to generate volume of leads when you tap into the connections and relationships with the right people, even if you're early stages, Even if you're getting started doesn't matter. And it gives you the opportunity to be able to create significant amount of lead flow by building relationships, which I think is really the cornerstone of any businesses, but it's all about building relationships.

Courtney Elmer 9:44  

Absolutely. And, that third piece is one that I feel is overlooked so often, these JV partnerships or collaborations but I think that people don't really understand how that works and how effective it can be. And so I remember in the early days of my business thinking that free and paid were my only options. And because I didn't have the budget within the business at the time, do you able to invest a ton into paid, we did some advertising, but it wasn't as much as I knew to be effective. That free was really kind of the only option, especially starting out. So JV partnerships, let's talk a bit more about that. what are those? And why are they so effective.

Christina Jandali 10:40  

The reason why joint venture partnerships are so effective, I want you to think about this, Courtney Elmer, let's say you had back pain, and you've been struggling with back pain, you've seen all the doctors, you tried physio, you tried massage therapy, you tried all the things, and you're still struggling with that pain. And it's debilitating. It's a real problem. And as you go through this, and one of and you talk to someone, and they've been through the same experience, they've had the exact same thing. And they share with you, Courtney Elmer, I tried all of those things and none of them work for me. But I found this one person that completely changed everything for me, they finally fixed what I had going on. And I know that they can help you to win, do you want to go see that person? Or would you continue to sit on Google doing a search thinking that you might find someone else?

Christina Jandali

Who would you be more inclined to go want to go see, you're gonna go see the person that came as a result of that introduction. And so there's something called borrowed authority. So the relationship that someone has existing relationship that someone has with their audience or with their person, or with their followers or with their friends, when you're introduced to someone else, from someone that you already know and trust, that relationship that trust carries over to the new person. So you kind of bypass the, Are they real? are they legit? Are we getting past this, the walls come down, and it's, well, I believe in this person, because someone I trust has already told me to come there. So we show up in a completely different way. So the value of the leads, and the trust is already established, you're kind of bypassing that getting to know your face.

Courtney Elmer 12:51  

The average person a cold lead normally has to spend, I think it's about seven hours now with you, before they're ready to make any kind of decision whether that's to download your freebie, etc. Seven hours is a lot of time people are busy these days. If you're reading a book, sure, you probably spend about seven hours or so with that author. If you're kind of a slow reader, if you have four books on your nightstand  I do,  what it takes you forever to get through them. But , reading you kind of have an end of that book you, Okay, I feel like this person knows what they're talking about those walls come down, you're ready to take that next step. But in the real world of social media and digital online space, imagine how many rules that would take you to film or how many tick tock videos before someone has seven consumes seven hours of your content. And so like you said, that wall is up where those people are, because there's so many people who want to be influencers now that are sharing anything and everything and regurgitating information is very noisy. Imagine if you could accelerate that process, simply through collaborating with people because the people that you'll be speaking to trust them, and their recommendation of you helped those walls come down.

Christina Jandali 14:50  

Absolutely Courtney Elmer. What do you think? I think the one thing that comes up for people all the time is is thinking , Well, who am I? , why would someone like us? I don't feel like I'm out. at their level yet, or they're ahead of me, why would they want to collaborate with me? Why would they want to do something for me and it keeps people from the app, It keeps people from reaching out.

Christina Jandali

And I remember Courtney Elmer, I received an email from someone, and oftentimes, Courtney Elmer, emails get missed. I don't respond because there's so much volume. And that's not the high on my priority list. And every now and then you have the opportunity to get one that really captures your attention. So I got this email. And I opened the email and the way that the person connected with me, she had an ask, she wanted me to participate in a summit she was hosting. It was a collaborative event, the summit and essentially a summit like where you have a series of interviews with different speakers that come on one platform together and hosting it together. And the way in which she asked me Courtney Elmer, I actually changed something on my promotional schedule, because I thought she deserved the Yes.

Christina Jandali

And I later found out that she was very early stages of her business. And this is a massive breakthrough for her that, oh, my gosh, no one believed in me enough to do that. And it wasn't because she was coming with this high level of authority Courtney Elmer. It's that the way in which you approach the ask, was thought out, it was clear, and there was a buy in of what was in it for me. And she took the time to create that personal connection. And I think we often miss the intimacy of that personal connection of going deep and that with someone and knowledge in someone. And so what happens is people send out blasts because they don't expect to get a response. And the fact of the matter is, there is a win-win and each relationship, but you have to be open to recognize what that is Courtney Elmer. And it's going to be adapted for each person that you speak with?

Courtney Elmer 17:51  

Yeah. Oh, I'm so curious What did you say? And what wasn't specifically in the email that caught your attention that made it different that made it stand out from other pitches that you get in your inbox?

Christina Jandali 18:03  

Great question Courtney Elmer. She went through some I had read some blog posts. And she had also listened to some interviews that I did. And she had made comments on some of them. So it was , she saw some stuff on it, it was very specific. This is what I loved about it. This was amazing. It made me think in a different perspective. So it wasn't this general message of , this is the message that never gets the response, okay? I love your mission in the world. And I think that you're such a great stand for female entrepreneurs wanting to step into their power, and I would love to share your story. Fail, It's, or, or there's the message of, I love your mission on this. It's , that wasn't even my mission.  if you heard me speak, you would know that that's not , that isn't what I'm a stand for. And because I'm a female, and because I'm an entrepreneur doesn't mean that that's the that's my mission behind what it is that I do. And it doesn't take long to learn what that is, you could take a few minutes and tap in and listen to someone and really get clear on what that is.

Christina Jandali

So that was number one and then she was sharing a blog post and in the blog post I was saying something to the effect of don't treat your following your email list your Facebook group,  a booty call.  don't show up when you want something, right Courtney Elmer,  don't come up now and start sending out emails and showing up in your Facebook group now that you want something don't do that. Nobody wants a booty call. And she pointed that out. She took the time to point out and pull out something that I shared, that let me realize it landed and it gave me the opportunity to then use that.

Courtney Elmer 21:01  

Yes, I noticed what you said twice, which I want to call attention to this because it is so valuable is she took that time. I think that's really beautiful and very powerful. I wanna make sure that those listening really get that. Taking your time is so important. Would you agree with that?

Christina Jandali 24:40  

100% Actually, Courtney Elmer, it's interesting. We're in this hustle bustle estate. And as a business owner,  we want to we're wired to produce results that's how our brains are wired. We want to create something Want to get something done, we want to accomplish things, we put a high value on accomplishment. And an or in pursuit of that is often this push. And I would say , the number one challenge that business owners that I hear challenge that comes up is , lack of time, not enough time to do this not enough time to do that. And, and being busy,  having too many things to do,  it were talking about earlier is we're trying to do all the things and it's actually about doing less. And like you said Courtney Elmer, it's about slowing down and taking the time. And being busy. And not having enough time is simply a symptom of lack of intimacy. Because we're not going deep on anything, we're going into going surface level, a whole bunch of stuff. And therefore nothing's really working. But if we did fewer things, and really narrow things down, like Clay Collins from LeadPages, he has this because of the five by one model. And I think it's brilliant Courtney Elmer. And it talks about having one target audience, one lead source, one offer one sale system for one year. And that being the fastest way to seven figure business.

Christina Jandali

And I share this as my clients saying that the moment you change one of those or you add another one, you've reset the clock on your five-by-one bottle, and you've been building it out again. We're never immune to things that are coming up in our life. And it tends to be where we  we revert back to so for example, recently, I think that people have been living in the world comatose since everything that's been going on in the world, people are kind of numbed out to stuff, they're going through the motions of life. And as we go through these, as we kind of go through these phases, realizing that, it's time to get reconnected. And I think what an important lesson I love that you pulled that out Courtney Elmer. It was so important. And it's the last thing that we want to do when we feel pressure. Because we think if we slow down, we're going to lose the game that's not going to come together. And it's actually releasing the pressure and releasing the control that allows you to produce the results and the come from actually enjoying the journey. Because I mean, Courtney Elmer, what's the point if you're feeling stressed to the max that are not enjoying the journey?

Courtney Elmer 29:01  

I feel that this is a big struggle for people because until you've experienced the energy of slowing down, knowing what that feels like, and actually seeing the results that can be produced by slowing down. It is a very difficult concept for your brain to lock into. And to really understand until you do it. So I'm curious, then Christina. So if slowing down and cultivating intimacy, and taking time to notice people and to have real conversations is one of the keys to growing faster, and to actually getting the result you want getting those leads? What are some next steps for those listening today? Where should they start implementing that? You mentioned JV collaborations? , let's say that that's a path that they want to take, , the paid stuff, we know it's getting super expensive, free stuff. We know it takes a ton of time. What about this third option? Should we start there? And if so, what are some of the next steps?

Christina Jandali 30:44  

Yeah, so definitely Courtney Elmer. I mean, when we think about building a business, we need, leads, and we need to be able to sell them what they want. That we really look at it in its most simplistic form. And, and so if we focus on lead flow through joint venture, my favorite way to start with joint venture is to host your own event. And so when you become the creator, when you become the publisher of something, your authority skyrockets, right when you go from a consumer to a creator. So being the creator of something, so I like to do this in what I would call a summit or a joint joint collaboration interview series, essentially Courtney Elmer, where you host event on a topic. So you think about, what would be a core theme or topic that your ideal clients would have an interest in. And you think about that as the umbrella theme, we want to get specific enough that it's clear who it's for.

Christina Jandali

For example, Courtney Elmer, I've done events called get famous, or the new marketing method, or the wealthy coaches summits. So I've done different events, you can kind of see, there's a theme around it. And then what you go and you have this, broader theme, that's still specific enough, We don't go too broad, broad stroke. But then we've got this theme, then we start thinking about, who would contribute to that conversation and their own unique way. So how having a podcast you have different people coming on speaking to the theme of the podcast, your summit would be the same thing. And so essentially, it'd be bringing people on. 

Christina Jandali

And so let's say I was doing it to get internet famous Courtney Elmer. I might have someone come and talk about you to someone talk about Instagram, someone talked about tick tock, someone talk about Facebook ads. And we'll talk about joint venture partnerships on the right, you could have people talk about all these different topics as a mechanism or way to be get internet famous right to develop that, that, that visibility and to develop that authority. So you have the big theme, then you think about topics that would maybe subtopics that could relate to that. And then you start thinking, well, who in that niche in that area would speak on that topic? So you start thinking about brainstorming, okay,  all these people are speaking on the topic.

Christina Jandali

And then so you and then you come up with a title for your event Courtney Elmer. You start reaching out to the speakers and invite them to come in. Now, how does it work, if you kind of break it down to this kind of simplest form, you have these invitations, these people come on, I recommend 28 speakers over two weeks, and you release two interviews a day. And there's a lot more details that go into it in regards to contracts and agreements, and so on. But your speakers agree to promote your event to their audience, they do need to have a baseline audience for this to be effective. And so those are some of the details to work out. But as you do this, all of those speakers are sending out to their audience, Hey, you don't want my friend Courtney Elmer? She's putting this incredible event together. 

Christina Jandali

And I know you're not going to want to miss it. Here's how I see it helping you come join me and sign up with me. In fact, I'm going to be one of the speakers on this series. And so they send this out the same time. And you get this, this influx of leads coming in that are excited that have all come in from introduction all come in from referral all come in through that joint venture partnership, and they sign up on your email list. And so you're building your email list by virtue of this collaborative sharing, coming together. And the speakers get to gain because they get access to a wider audience as well.

Courtney Elmer 34:35  

Well, Christina, you make it sound so simple. I know there's so much work that's involved. But , I feel like in business again, focusing and growing deep, versus trying to spread yourself thin and going why truly is the key to growing quickly. It's been true in my own business. And I've seen it in other people's businesses too. I've seen it with clients that we've worked With who struggled to grow because they are spread thin, and others who kind of put the blinders on. 

Courtney Elmer

In fact, I interviewed John Lee Dumas a few weeks ago, and he has an acronym and he said, focus, follow FOC you so follow one course until success? And that's it. And it's, okay, yeah, that's really the secret. Because again, because it's easy or simple,  it gets overlooked. So, to wrap up this conversation, I feel there's, there's so much more that we could talk about, we'll absolutely have to bring you back on because there's lots of ways that I know, especially in your expertise,  to be able to cultivate those deeper connections, , and ways for people to do that. But for someone who might want to learn from you, because you've already shared so much wisdom in so much value, where can they go to connect with you? And to get into your world and start learning more about you and what you do and how you can help them? 

Christina Jandali 36:05  

So, Courtney Elmer, as we're talking about having that lead gen people coming in from having that lead gen source, but what we're, we have to get tripped up is like, how do we actually increase those conversions? How do we really find out what those people want? How do we adapt and pivot our message based on what's going on in the economy or the world so that we're staying relevant, and, and we stay as the number one go to person. Courtney Elmer I firmly believe that as you as you bring people into your, into your world into your space, that , you have all these social platforms, you have your email list, people don't feel like they're necessarily a two way dialogue with you. And if you're on your other social platforms, it's in social platforms, its the window shopping, the window dressing Courtney Elmer.

Christina Jandali

Here, you can see the mannequin with stress, do you want to go inside the store or not. And to create intimacy, I want you to invite them in the store. And so I look at that as you're inviting people having a Facebook group and bringing people into a community, where you have the opportunity to have two way dialogue and connection. And that safe room and space to be in where you're with like minded people, gives you the opportunity to be able to create that intimacy, to be able to create that connection, and better and better understand and know your pupils so that you can adapt and pivot as needed as you move through.

Christina Jandali

So the best place and the little free gift that I'd love to offer your people today Courtney Elmer, is really taking a look at how to how to kick off with that Facebook group, how to have the perfect name that appeals to people how to it's a little Facebook group, I know we actually sell it, I'll gift it to you for free. How to have the perfect intro post. So how do you introduce yourself in the group in a way that people get it, they relate to you, they connect with you, but they also understand your authority, understand what you're about, understand how you can help them.

Christina Jandali

And then lastly Courtney Elmer, it is a little mini course on growing your group and getting members coming into your group and welcome them into your living room, let them come into your living room, let them be part of your world and have the opportunity to connect with them. Because as you develop and build those relationships, you develop and build your business. And it is one relationship at a time. And that one relationships turns to doesn't start with the hundreds turns into 1000s turns into 10,000. But if we don't take the time to create that intimacy in that connection, as we move along, it's easy to kind of get washed out, it's easy to follow up, it's easy to disconnect and and then we run into the problems of people aren't engaging with me or people aren't reading my emails and my open rates are going down. It's for lack of intimacy, lack of engagement. And that starts with really staying connected. So I'm gonna offer that to people today Courtney Elmer.

Courtney Elmer 38:52  

Absolutely. That is such a gift. Christina, thank you for being here. 

Christina Jandali

Thanks for having me Courtney Elmer.

Courtney Elmer

I know Christina would love to hear from you. You can find her on Instagram at christina.jandali. Join me back here next week and until then, go live your EffortLESS Life®.

Christina Jandali Profile Photo

Christina Jandali

Business Growth Strategist

Christina is a confidence boosting, cash creating Business Growth Strategist who helps coaches and course creators start, grow and scale their digital business online. After becoming a millionaire in her mid 20’s (losing it and rebuilding it over again) and working in finance where she managed over $500,000,000 in clients assets, Christina realized she was done with the shackles of corporate. She was ready to break free to build her own dream business, not someone else’s.

In just 6 years, Christina built a company from ground zero to multi 7-figures, while helping thousands of new, aspiring and seasoned business owners in more than 68 countries across the globe.