Feb. 8, 2022

Are Your Voice Tones Attracting or Repelling Your Ideal Clients? with Katherine Beck

Are Your Voice Tones Attracting or Repelling Your Ideal Clients? with Katherine Beck

Even if your messaging and marketing are on point, it may not be enough to grow a business quickly. That’s where Katherine Beck comes in! As a vocal coach, she helps entrepreneurs practice mindfulness in how they use their voice to emotionally connect with their audience and bring in more clients.

When you think about your current marketing, what messages are you sending to your potential clients?

If you’re ready to up your game and grow a business quickly, this episode will help you take that messaging (no matter how great) to a whole new level!

My guest, Katherine Beck, is a vocal expert who is going to help you attract more of your ideal clients simply by practicing mindfulness in how you use your voice.


  • Why great messaging in your marketing is not enough if you want to grow a business quickly 
  • How to double your sales simply by emotionally connecting to your audience with your voice
  • The way to practice more mindfulness in your voice patterns and how to remove the vocal barriers that are keeping your clients from buying from you

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Courtney Elmer 0:00  

Welcome back. It's the System's Made Simple™ Podcast. This is episode 108.

Courtney Elmer

Today we are talking about how the tones in your voice are either attracting or repelling your ideal clients and could be affecting your sales, deliverability and the way your ideal clients perceive your expertise. This is so important for business, because when you get this right, this mindfulness, you will unlock a whole new level of visibility like you have never experienced before.


Courtney Elmer 3:09  

My guest this week, Katerine Beck is an actor. She is a vocal expert. And she is a coach who is here to show you how to tell if the sounds in your voice sound mindful and are attracting or repelling your ideal clients. I first discovered this whole idea of mindfulness in your voice psychology about two years ago. I was amazed when I started thinking about mindfulness, and of course the unconscious patterns and beliefs that we have going on and playing in the back of our mind whether we realize it or not. Of course they would impact our delivery and how people receive us and receive our message. 

Courtney Elmer

I spent months and months doing vocal work with a vocal coach Tracy Goodwin, who actually I've had on the show as well. If this is a topic that fascinates you, you're going to love both Tracy's episode and Katerine who is about to share today all about mindfulness voice psychology and what this really is, and how it can directly impact your ability to make an impact with your audience. A lot of us say, Oh, I hate listening to myself on recording, I never watch my own videos, because I hate hearing myself and how it sounds. Yes, we all know that like our voice sounds different to others.

Courtney Elmer

Today's guest Katherine Beck, is someone that I have known for a very long time. She a fellow coach, and a dear friend, and a podcast coach inside of our podcasting program, the effortless podcasting program. This is how important this stuff is because of course, for all of our students, we want them to have that vocal authority, we want them to have that vocal awareness, that mindfulness, so that their delivery both on their podcast and elsewhere in their business is not effective.

Courtney Elmer

Katherine works very closely with us. Right now our theme is visibility. That's one of the four systems we talk about here at the effortless life. Everyone wants to get more visible. How do we get people to notice us? Despite what you might have heard your messages, only one side of the coin. You need to learn how to utilize the mindfulness in your voice effectively. And that's exactly what Katerine is here to help you do today.

Courtney Elmer 8:13  

Katerine , Welcome!

Katerine Beck 8:20  

Thank you for having me, Courtney Elmer

Courtney Elmer 8:23  

Absolutely. I love the work that you do. With Mindfulness. There's so much competition out there. This is why what you do is so valuable because you approach messaging, mindfulness and marketing in such a different way. So that's where I'd love to start this conversation today and talk about something that I think a lot of people don't even think about, which is how to use the mindfulness in your voice to make an impact to use your voice to connect with your audience in a way that maybe you're not doing right now. Because you don't even know to be doing it. So can we start there? And can you unpack what does it mean to connect with your audience through mindfulness in your voice?

Katerine Beck 9:20  

Yeah Courtney Elmer, this is really interesting, because a lot of people who are entrepreneurs, online business owners, focus a lot on messaging of thinking about who our ideal client is audience about the words, the content, what we're going to say. I noticed when I jumped into the online space became an online entrepreneur, is how so many people in this online space are in general. And talking to their audience, it was as if there was some sort of imaginary wall there, you could see almost like a glaze in their eyes. And I thought, Gosh, why is it that so many people are focusing so much on the words, but not really, in creating that connection, that mindfulness with their audience. I really found that lacking. And that's what really drove me into what I do. And you know, what I teach Courtney Elmer?

Courtney Elmer 11:03  

Well, before we go any further, I have to say, I relate to this so much, because I am an Enneagram one. We're nicknamed the perfectionist. So when I first started my online business showing up on video, it is hard as that already is, I made it even harder on myself by trying to figure out how to perfect the video. What were the perfect words to say? I was so focused on the words and on what I was saying that I didn't give any thought or any regard to how I was saying it. Zero mindfulness. All of a sudden I was on and not on in like a high energy aligned flow kind of way on like, this is my thing that I'm going to talk to you about today. And I'm so excited to tell you happy Friday everyone. 

Courtney Elmer

It was this very forced performance. It was so not who I am. Even with the podcast early on, I was so scripted. And I was always so focused on getting the words right. The content was good. But there was no connection or mindfulness in my voice there. It wasn't until later on in business that I even heard that this was a thing like what you can keep people out by the way that you're talking. 

Courtney Elmer

I'd love for you to share more about that with us. And what are some of the things that we that we need to be aware of first and foremost, to even begin to recognize these patterns in ourself to kind of break through that glass barricade or that barrier that we tend to put up?

Katerine Beck 13:49  

Like you said Courtney Elmer, the easiest way to jump into that is to start watching your work. And I know that that can be really confronting for a lot of people. But you really need to go back and review your performance. I do think of it like a performance. It's still you, but it's you when you're communicating to your audience. There's still a level of vulnerability there. And I think that's where people lack is that when we're talking about that imaginary wall between you and your audience, you're not allowing them in, you're not allowing them to see who you are when you doing have mindfulness in your voice. They don't have to see all of you but they need to see some of you so they can relate to you. 

Katherine Beck

What we tend to do is one of two things so our thoughts can be heard In our delivery through our words. For example, if you're a people pleaser, and you're maybe feeling needy or desperate for them to listen to you, you may force the energy. So we can pick up on that forced energy coming through the lack of mindfulness in your voice, it sounds a certain way. The opposite to that is, let's say you're hesitant to speak, you may retreat inward, and therefore your sounds go inward, and makes it harder for your audience to hear you and understand you. As you start to review your own performance, you start to see the perception that your audience sees, how do they see you on camera or through the microphone. And when you can start to analyze that break that down, see where maybe you can improve the mindfulness in your voice, and start to connect with your audience. That's where you can start to see greater results in business.

Courtney Elmer 16:05  

I think what you said about this fear of really showing who we really are, I think that keeps a lot of us from showing up authentically. That sounds like a buzzword, show up authentically be genuine. To have mindfulness. You could probably relate to when you're talking with your best friend, there's really nothing holding you back in that conversation.

Courtney Elmer

You probably have a lot of passion and emotion and whatever it is you're talking about. When I talk with my best friends, sometimes we go on these rants. Then other times, it's like, oh, my gosh, I'm so excited for the event this weekend, There's this natural energy, this mindfulness that flows through your voice because there's nothing holding you back.

Courtney Elmer

For me, it was helpful to kind of when I go live on Instagram, for example, to think of them talking to my best friend right here. As opposed to this audience of people that I can't see. Katerine, actually, I think it was you who said once I started practicing this in my own journey of really discovering the mindfulness in my authentic voice. You are like, Courtney Elmer, you have an accent. I've never heard that before. 

Courtney Elmer

I've had many people tell me that I'm from the south, born and raised right outside of New Orleans. I don't have a country twang or anything, but there are words and certain vowel sounds that I say when I am fully embodied and talking about something that I'm excited about, and you can hear it come through. And it's so funny, because for the longest time, people would tell me the opposite, they would go what you're from New Orleans, I would have never guessed that. And it was all because I had learned to like polish the mindfulness in my voice to sound so poised and what I thought was professional, when really, I was missing out on this huge opportunity to connect with my audience by being me and talking how I would normally talk.

Katerine Beck 18:17  

Exactly right Courtney Elmer. And that's where your accent comes through is when you're feeling a heightened emotion, you can't help but communicate from your true self. It's true, people want to get to know you, they don't want to hear this polished, perfect voice because that's not genuine. The key is, if there's something about the mindfulness in your voice that you don't like you can enhance it. But really staying true to who you are staying true to the mindfulness in your authentic voice. Let's face it these days, it's so much easier to become global, to work with people all around the world. But the reality is, is that people need to be able to understand you and relate to you all over the world. So we got to start thinking about well, how do I communicate to a bigger audience?

Courtney Elmer 19:22  

I'd love to talk for a moment too, about the cost of not doing this work. Because in an online business, let's assume you have a course you have a program, you have products or services, you're going to launch that course that program those products or services, there are opportunities for you to present what it is you do, use mindfulness in your voice to present offers to people, even giving people a simple call to action at the end of an Instagram story. 

Courtney Elmer

Let's imagine for a second that you haven't heard this conversation here with Katherine today and you had no idea that this was a thing. That the mindfuolness in your voice can make or break your ability to make sales to convert clients to your program to increase your following, what are some of the other costs of not paying attention and actually learning how to show up authentically and using the mindfulness in your voice in this powerful way?

Katerine Beck 20:22  

Oh Courtney Elmer, it breaks my heart. I'm so aware now, I can see people holding back, and why they're not getting sales, why they're not getting getting traction in their business. It's such an easy fix, but people don't think about how the mindfulness in their voice can really impact someone, it can attract them, or it can repel them. And so if you want to make things harder, take a whole lot longer to get those sales to grow your business, then by all means keep doing what you're doing. But it's gonna take a whole lot longer. Or it might be that you fail, and you've got to get a regular job or do something else.

Katherine Beck

The thing that really breaks my heart right now is I see so many people going on the tiktoks and the Instagrams and many of us have tried it as well tried the latest trends to get noticeable to be visible and make a name for ourselves in our niche. But we're not using the midfulness in our voice. And if you want to be considered a thought leader, an expert's a visionary, a pioneer in your business in your niche, then you got to use the mindfulness in your voice. If you think about all the great leaders out there, they use the mindfulness in their voice, they're not hiding behind a computer screen, creating posts with pretty images and letting the words do the talking for them. They are doing the talking. So you got to use the mindfulness in your voice.

Courtney Elmer 22:15  

I love that so much. I think we could drop the mic right there. This was a big, I'm serious. This was a big insight. Recently, I had someone who was looking through my Instagram. We haven't been the most consistent with Instagram as I would like to be. And I got on the rails trend. And then I was off the rails trend. And I was back on the rails trend. 

Courtney Elmer

This person was an Instagram expert, and they've grown their account to over a million followers. And I had a one on one consultation with him where we sat down and he actually went through my account point by point. And he said, Look, your videos are great. Your lighting is great. Your aesthetics, great, everything looks great.

Courtney Elmer

He said, but why are you doing so many lip syncs? And I was like, Well, I don't know. I've watched all this content. He was like, you need to use the mindfulness in your voice. If you want to be seen as an expert, you need to be teaching your people. Now that doesn't mean every video and it doesn't mean you can't do a fun lip sync here or there. But stop hiding behind your content. And I was like, Whoa,

Courtney Elmer

It blew my mind because I didn't even realize I was doing it. I started paying attention. I started looking at the influencers that I follow. And the people who I look forward to seeing in my feed every day. And interestingly enough, those are the ones that I can think of to offhand they don't even do reels, if you see them on video, its them talking and using the mindfulness in their voice

Courtney Elmer

Finally, it was about a year ago that I began doing this work and then had a very challenging year of growth following that. And only recently do I feel like I've really stepped into my own power with the mindfulness in my voice and being able to use it authentically to connect with people because that is my number one core value and I dismissed and ignored that for so long.

Courtney Elmer

Since all of that work in growth, it takes time it has to integrate and it's finally I feel as integrated. And now my DMs are blowing up people are commenting on social So media, people are reaching out about partnering and working together and collaboration and wanting to go to the workshops that I'm hosting and do. And it's like none of that was ever happening before. And looking back, I really haven't done that much different this past year, if anything, I've done less, less content, less pushing, but more of kind of this deeper inner work that we're talking about. More mindfulness. And getting past whatever those fears are of being seen.

Katerine Beck 25:33  

That's it. It's a fear of being seen. Look, it's as simple as this, what do we want, we want to be visible, ? We want to be seen, and we want to be heard. And we want to be known. That's what it means to create that personal connection for ourselves. We want to be seen, heard and known. That's what we want. We want to be thought of as the leading expert, authority, thought leader visionary in our niche. What's the most effective way to do that through mindfulness in your voice, but what gets in the way? Us, we get in the way from the most simplest, easiest thing that we've already got, we have a voice you need to you don't need to go and spend all this money and all and try all these different strategies. All you need to do is use the mindfulness in your voice. It's so simple.

Courtney Elmer 26:30  

Yeah. So true. What would you say to those people who are like, Yeah, but I don't like the way my voice sounds, or I don't have a good voice. 

Katerine Beck 26:37  

You can shift it. The mindfulness in your voice can easily be shifted, you're working with muscles, do you go to the gym, let's say you wanted to lose weight, how do you lose weight, you go to the gym, or even if you work out at home, you change your diet, but you're using those muscles to tone your body to help you lose weight, your mouth, it has muscles, , your tongue is a series of muscles, I think it's eight muscles that it composes your tongue, I think it's eight muscles. So you're using your muscles to enhance how you sound. So what you're doing, you go to the mouth gym, you work out the mouth. You work out those muscles. And you practice. And, , it's as simple as they say, how do you get good at a skill, you practice repetition. And it really doesn't take that long to start noticing results, you can get results really instantly in some of the things that you can learn about the mindfulness in your voice.

Courtney Elmer 27:51  

For you listening right now, this is what I really want you to take away from this episode is that you have mindfulness in your voice, it has power. And even if you don't love the way it sounds right now, for whatever reason, that this is a learned skill, it's not something that you're born with.

Courtney Elmer

I think this is something that we often look at these influencers or whoever it is that you aspire to, or look up to. And we see where they are, which is the place we want to be. And we look at where we are now, which seems so far from that place. When we compare ourselves and we judge ourselves and then we start to assign meaning and, and dismiss how we're feeling by saying well, , they were born that way, I guess I didn't get that gift or whatever it is. And so we discredit ourselves and our mindfulness. 

Courtney Elmer

The truth is, all they did was learn whether it is how to speak or how to write or how to present themselves and have mindfulness. It's something that they've practiced, and maybe they've practiced it longer than you have. But that's the key is the practice you can practice it too. And , Katherine, as you were sharing, I was thinking back to a couple of weeks ago, this was recent, I was sitting down every morning, I sit down and get up early before everyone else in the house gets up and I get my journal, I get my coffee and I sit I meditate. And I journal and I write down any inspiration that comes to me in that meditation and some mornings things come some mornings, nothing comes. But this particular morning, the thought that came to me was something that I had spent. 

Courtney Elmer

I've been spending time reflecting on for months now and it was this idea as I mentioned earlier, that my deepest core value is connection. My deepest fear throughout my entire life has been the fear of rejection. And in an instant that morning, I made this connection to mindfulness that the degree to which you let go of the fear of rejection is the degree to which you will accept Experience deeper connection in your life. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. And I said, Wow, that was the resistance that I always felt. And going back to this idea of being seen, heard and known to be visible. That was what I wanted at my core. But because I was so afraid of being rejected, I didn't allow myself to be seen.

Katerine Beck 30:24  

I couldn't run away, you run away. Yeah,

Courtney Elmer 30:28  

yeah, that's really I think, at the heart of all of this.

Katerine Beck 30:32  

Yeah, and that's what so many people do. I can feel to where nobody's immune from it, I feel it as well. I know that I need to be visible online. But even I struggle. And that's why I tell my students and I, I tell myself, that work with what feels comfortable to you. There's all these different strategies. But when you're talking about using the mindfulness in your voice, use it in a way that feels comfortable to you, and make it easier on yourself. Find ways where you can use the mindfulness in your voice, share snippets of your teaching, perhaps, where you can share your wisdom, share your knowledge, but not feel uncomfortable, scared or threatened. So for I always use myself as an example. I'm a classic introvert, I do not like being online, live talking to a live audience. Without them talking back. It's not my thing. 

Katherine Beck

Some people, they love it, or they're great at it for me, I'm not, I don't mind putting myself online, I , I am an actor by trade. So I love the idea of performing and being out there. But I don't like live scenarios. So when I'm creating content for myself, I'm finding ways where I'm using the mindfulness in my voice in something that I've already done, whether it's my podcast, or it's a class that I taught, I'm using little snippets of that so people can get to know who I am, how I teach, and what I'm all about, in a way that makes me feel comfortable.

Courtney Elmer 32:18  

Yeah, there's a lot to be said there as well, because there's so many people out there who were trying to, to, I don't know how to exactly say this, I'll have my editor edit that part out where I'm like, thinking through my thoughts here. But it's like this idea of, , you have to do it this way, or you have to do it that way. Or you have to show up this way. 

Courtney Elmer

Often that doesn't feel authentic, and it doesn't feel aligned in mindfulness. And so by now I've had this in my own experience, by trying to fit myself into these boxes of what I think I should be doing. It actually keeps me from doing the very thing that I want to do, which is to connect to interact with people to have people engage with me.

Katerine Beck 32:59  

Yeah, that's it. And , it goes back to whether you want to follow the path, follow the trends, be a follower, or do you want to be a leader? Do you want to be considered a thought leader? Do you want to be considered a visionary? Do you want to have a visionary voice, a voice that is unique, out of the box, forward thinking and in mindfulness? Mindfullness in your voice can do that.

Courtney Elmer 33:25  

I love that. So for someone listening right now, who is very intrigued by this conversation, they're like, alright, Katerine , I'm hanging on to your every word. I'm getting this, I want to learn more about mindfulness in my voice. But where do I start? And you mentioned, watch your work, that's a great place to start. Even then I wonder if , because I can think back to when I would look back at my videos. 

Courtney Elmer

And I would think, Hey, that's pretty good. Like I delivered that well, but I, I would didn't even realize like, that I had that glass wall up. , there were certain areas that I couldn't I couldn't even realize at the time, because I didn't have that level of awareness yet. So what else? What else would you recommend? , would you leave with our listeners today that they should be paying attention to? As they start thinking about this, aside from reaching out to learn more about how to work with you and do this work? Of course, anything that they can be thinking about as they go to deliver their next Instagram story? Or their next live video?

Katerine Beck 34:20  

Yeah, so I'm really big on how to deliver the words. So you want to be considering that it's not what you say, but it's how you say it. So it's speaking with intention and emotion creating that emotional connection with your audience. So it's looking at well, how can I emotionally connect to them through the mindfulness in my words? What mindful words am I saying and how will the mindfulness in those words affect my audience, my listeners? Where do I want to take them on this journey through what they're listening from the beginning to the end? So it helps to think about , where they are now and where they want to be? How Are they feeling at the beginning? And how do they feel at the end? If you can start thinking about that and identifying that, and connecting to that feeling, it's pretty powerful. And you'll start to notice some big things.

Courtney Elmer 35:12  

I love that by thinking that like, what do I want them to feel? And how can I convey that through the mindfulness in my voice? Yeah. Awesome. So Katerine , I have a question that I ask every guest who comes on the show? And I love this question. Because I mean, it's I'm personally biased. And it's my favorite question to ask. But also, because the answers are never the same. The answers are never the same. And it amazes me. So the question is this, what does it mean to you to live an EffortLESS Life®?

Katerine Beck 35:39  

Well, I think that's shifted for me in the past year, and it's about living my greater purpose. And when I found my real purpose, I found that EffortLESS Life®. I realized, this past year that I was teaching what I know, but not teaching what I love. And when I shifted that and started teaching what I love, my greater purpose, mindfulness, that's where I started to find my EffortLESS Life®.

Courtney Elmer 36:08  

I love that. It's not teaching what to love. That alone makes a huge shift in terms of your ability to connect with your audience, have mindfulness and to be seen as that leader. People pick up on your passion. People pick up on your feeling, and when you are truly aligned, and not to use that as a buzzword, but when you are truly in alignment with what it is you're doing because you love it. It feels effortless.

Courtney Elmer

People push back on me sometimes with this idea of an EffortLESS Life®.. And then like, yeah, Courtney Elmer, but you still have to work. I'm like, well, effortless. I didn't say work less effortless. And it's this idea of being in flow and of being in your zone of genius, like you said, doing what you love. Because then the work doesn't feel like work. Katerine. Where can people connect with you online to learn more from you?

Katerine Beck 37:08  

Well Courtney Elmer, I am on Instagram or you can check out my website, Katherine beck.com And on The Voice for business podcast.

Courtney Elmer 37:24  

I love it. Thank you so much.

Katherine Beck

Thank you, Courtney Elmer.

Courtney Elmer

Awesome, so make sure you look Katherine up, we are going to link to all of her social links and her website in the show notes. If you want to learn more about this vocal work. And what Katherine does, do reach out to her she is an amazing coach. And she can help you identify what might really be there that is keeping you from connecting with your audience and making the impact that you really want to make.

Courtney Elmer

I will see you back here next week. Until then, go live your EffortLESS Life®.

Katherine Beck Profile Photo

Katherine Beck


Born and raised in Chicago, Katherine has almost 30 years experience as an Actor on stage, screen and in voiceovers.

She coaches Online Entrepreneurs, Broadcast Journalists, Hosts, Actors, Voiceover Artists & Podcasters on how to emotionally connect to your audience through your voice in a personal and impactful way.