Systems Made Simple™  The Podcast

Just what I needed!

Courtney’s podcast is a God-send! I needed reassurance that success is not defined by the hustle and the extra hours put in. Last week I found myself laid off from my 9-5, questioning my abilities and strengths. What about all the hours I put in? What about all the projects working on thankless tasks? What about all the overnight travel I did while my infant and toddler were at home with dad? They all meant nothing to the company in the end. That’s why I’m soaking up all the tips Courtney has. We need to use Courtney’s practical tips on how to change the stress-filled environment we create. I’m using my lay-off as a blessing and a chance to do something I am passionate about. Can’t wait to hear more!

Feb. 12, 2020 by Alyssaperi on Apple Podcasts

Systems Made Simple™ The Podcast