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clarity IN life, FOR life

After graduating college, I struggled to tolerate the demands of the 9-5 and accept the fact that grooving to this work flow would be the future of my life until retirement 🥴 I also had struggles in telling people no, being clear with my goals and following through with them. However Courtney opened up the door to a whole world of possibilities in changing that gloomy, mediocre fate. She worked with me in defining specifically, what it was I wanted in life and how my work could be a direct reflection of that. She showed me amazing techniques to redefine my reality and build a positive, meaningful life for myself. She also helped me to be inspired and confident to live authentically myself— not to hustle but to align. She’ll give you clarity in your life, for life! Take a listen and start living effortlessly ✨

Feb. 11, 2020 by noircohort on Apple Podcasts

Systems Made Simple™ The Podcast