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So excited!

I’m so happy this finally launched! I’ve been following Courtney for a while and love all her advice!

What I didn’t even know I needed

Courtney had such a calming presence and seems to be able to just get down to the core of helping you with your issues. This is a MUST listen!

Amazing podcast for those who are “stuck”!!!

Courtney has the answers to change your life!!! I am so happy that she crossed my path, years ago :) In this podcast (episode 04), she talks about her version of SMART goals. I love how she breaks the mold of the familiar/common!! I highly recommend her podcasts and Facebook community. She gives great advice and her positive attitude is inspiring and motivating!!!

Life Changing!!!!

How did I ever survive without this podcast? Courtney is so real, down to earth and passionate about helping others. She has changed my life! I’m so excited for a new episode each week!!


Courtney Elmer is full of helpful ways to live a less stressed life. Her tips & ways for living and working effortlessly are truly transformative for your life. Her podcast is a must listen.