June 15, 2021

What's a Sales System and Why Do I Need One? with Amanda Abella

What's a Sales System and Why Do I Need One? with Amanda Abella

Today on the Systems Made Simple™ podcast, high-ticket sales expert Amanda Abella shares how to fix your cash flow issues and optimize your sales funnels for sustainable, consistent growth.

Chances are, you know you need some sort of sales system in place if you want to keep the doors open to your business and generate any income. 

But is your current sales system actually scalable? Are your sales funnels generating revenue? Or are you bottlenecking your business by trading your time for dollars?

High-ticket sales expert Amanda Abella is here today to help you fix your cash flow issues and optimize your sales system for sustainable, consistent growth.


  • Why your sales funnels aren't converting the way you want them to (and what to do about it) 

  • The difference between a sales funnel and a sales process 

  • Why you need a “customer map” 

  • How to enroll more students into your programs by charging higher prices

PLUS, learn the easy sales skills you need to sell more and do it authentically (without coming across greedy, slimy, or sleazy).

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Courtney Elmer  0:00  

Welcome back to the Systems Made Simple™ podcast. I'm so excited you're here today. This is Episode 74, and this month, we’ve been talking about the four systems every online business owner needs in their business to improve their sales funnels. This week, we are diving deep into system two of four: your sales system. 

I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say that you already know you need to make sales if you want to keep the doors open to your business and generate any income. But have you built a sales system that's actually scalable? Are your sales funnels generating revenue? Or are you grabbing at what you can get trading your time for dollars? 

Inside today's episode, I have a very special guest expert joining me who is going to show you what you need to make sure your sales system is viable and scalable because you can't scale yourself. If you try to do that, you'll eventually bottleneck your own business. I want to help you avoid that. So stick around, because that's all coming up next, right here on the Systems Made Simple™ podcast. 

INTRO TRACK: Globally ranked among the top shows in business and education, we're known for one thing, helping overworked entrepreneurs  you learn how to run your business as a true visionary leader, because when you get the right systems support, and structure in place, you can spend more time in your zone of genius. So if you're tired of listening to today's business influencers teach the same old, worn out marketing strategies that aren't making you any money, it's time to take a look under the hood of your business and fix the engine itself. Because the truth is, you don't have to work as hard as you are right now to scale beyond six figures, and create the greater influence income and impact that you deserve. The secret to scaling starts on the back end of your business. This is the Systems Made Simple™ podcast. 

My special guest tonight today and I go way back. Here's the funny story of how we first connected. I’m originally from New Orleans, and when I graduated high school back in 2006, I decided on a whim to apply to a university down in South Florida. I don't know what I was thinking because this was not my initial plan. I was set to go to design school, I was going to be an interior designer, there was a school that is very renowned for that here in the south that I was already accepted to and set up to go to. But for whatever reason I changed my mind, which is way out of character for me because I am a planner by nature. Organization and planning run through my veins. I don't know what got into me, but that's what I did. I moved to South Florida for my Freshman year. I fit what I could into the back of my parents' minivan and made the long 14 hour drive from New Orleans to Florida, waved goodbye to my family and started a new chapter in my life. 

To make a very long story short, I got majorly homesick. In fact, I did not make it past my Fall Sophomore semester before I transferred back home to New Orleans. (See, I told you I don't know what the heck I was thinking!) But while I was there, I met some great people. And as life goes, we all went our separate ways and didn't keep in touch. Everyone graduated, moved on, started families, got jobs, all the things. 

Courtney Elmer  3:24

Well, about six months ago I was on a CEO retreat, taking a break scrolling through my Instagram, and this girl's picture popped up in my feed. I was , Oh my gosh, I know her! I’ve got to reach out and say hello

It was one of those moments where you're thinking, Is this gonna be weird? Are they gonna remember me? It’s been so long. So some creepy stalker, I sent her a DM and said “hey, it’s been a while! Remember me?” Then I got to thinking later, shoot. My maiden name is not anywhere on my social media. She’s probably thoroughly confused. But she's a smart girl. She knew who I was. She figured it out. So we hopped on a call and reconnected and  talked up a storm about all the things we're seeing in the industry that we can't stand. And I decided that more people need to hear what Amanda has to say. So I invited her on the show because Amanda is not your typical business sales and marketing coach. 

Amanda Abella is an award winning content creator, keynote speaker, and business coach who specializes in helping business owners do one thing: make more money by creating impactful sales funnels. As you're about to hear, she helps clients go from hating sales and marketing to achieving 90% close rates and closing multiple five figure deals. But prior to teaching, marketing and sales she spent a decade as a financial writer. She wrote for companies  Wells Fargo, and Discover, and she's also been partnered with companies  Capital One and TransUnion for their financial education campaigns. 

What she realized during that time is that there is a lot of misinformation and worn-out advice out there when it comes to sales funnels and sales processes, business, and finance. So being the firecracker that she is, she decided to do something about it. She started her business to fix the one major problem she saw in the coaching industry: to help overworked entrepreneurs stop undercharging for their services and burning themselves out over-delivering, because they’re not getting adequately compensated for it. 

But when she started working with clients, what she discovered across the board was that there is a gross lack of good sales training out there. So she wrote a book titled Make Money Your Honey, that became an Amazon bestseller. She’s created a community of over 60,000 people across social media that she teaches on the daily how to make more money and live a more affluent life. And she's here with me today to break down the myths about selling so that you can get over whatever is holding you back from closing those big deals, start selling more, do it authentically, and get a sales system in place that's actually scalable, (meaning that it doesn't rely on you for it to make you money). 

So let’s jump into this interview to discuss sales funnels and how to streamline your sales process. We had so much fun recording this for you, and I know you're gonna love what Amanda has to say about why your sales funnels aren't converting the way you want them to, what to do about it, how to fix your cash flow issues, why you need this thing she calls a customer map, (which is  brilliant, by the way), and the sales skills you need and can put to use right now to sell more, and do it authentically.

Courtney Elmer  6:53  

Amanda, welcome to the Systems Made Simple™ podcast! Girl, I am so excited that you are here today.

Amanda Abella  6:58  

I am so excited, I'm here too because what a small world — we haven't talked to each other in 10 years and then you found me on Instagram.

Courtney Elmer  7:10  

It was the most random thing. I'm literally sitting there  on a Sunday morning  scrolling through my feed. And I was , wait, wait, I know this girl. Oh my gosh! And then I popped over to your profile and saw you had almost 30,000 followers and you're blowing it up in the business space. 

And then I messaged you , Hello, do you remember me? (I'm sorry if this is creepy-stalkerish.) But I had to reach out to you and reconnect! Because first of all, it is such a small world when it comes to social media and how cool that we've reconnected. And secondly I'm so glad to see you and what you are doing in the world today because it is so needed. I’m excited for all that we have to cover today. 

Amanda Abella  7:49  

I'm super excited to talk about it. Right before we started recording, I was getting tingly! I cannot wait to see where this goes.

Courtney Elmer  7:56  

Yes. Okay, so let's start here. Why don't you share with our listeners what it is you do? And then we can dive into the nitty gritty good stuff.

Amanda Abella  8:04  

Right. So what I currently do is I own a marketing and sales training company for women coaches, course creators, freelancers, and consultants who want to scale their sales funnels, who want to master sales and sales systems, and who want to master marketing. That comes on the back end of about eight years as a freelance financial writer. Around year six, I started realizing there was this big issue with my business: I couldn’t scale it. In order for me to take on more clients, I would have to work more hours. I was to a point where I was working so much my hands were literally cramping from the amount of writing I was doing for clients. So I think that was in 2016 when I realized, I have to start making some major shifts. 

Also being in finance, I knew that we were overdue for a major crisis, and I knew my current business model wouldn’t survive it. So I started shifting things. It was funny because when 2020 happened, my assistant was, Omg everything you’ve been saying since you hired me is happening! 

And then finally, the third reason why I do what I do is because I have constant conversations with women who have spent thousands of dollars on coaching programs, yet nobody’s taught them how to sell and how to put together sales funnels. No one's talking about scalability. No one's talking about cash flow. No one's talking about sales systems. There's a whole lot of misconceptions out there and it’s causing a lot of problems. 

So what we did is we created a comprehensive program that gives you all the foundations that you need, to go big and scale your sales funnels beyond yourself.

Courtney Elmer  10:20  

I want to back up for a second because there's such an instagrammable quote, in what you said: you can't scale yourself. You can't do it. That is the huge mistake we see with online business owners who get into business: many tend to solve problems by doing. It’s the whole “take action and  do it and bust past your comfort zone” mentality. That’s great, but only to a point. There’s a hard limit to the amount of work that you yourself can do. 

We're all human. Which means we're all limited by the number of hours in a day and by our own energetic capacity to be able to do what it is we do. But there's no limit to the amount of systems and support that you put in place to build your business. However, most entrepreneurs don't realize that so they're solving problems in their business by doing, doing, doing. Then they hit their energetic ceiling and they're maxed out. By then they might be hovering around that high five-figure, six-ish-figure mark at this point, and realizing, How on earth am I going to grow beyond this? I can't physically do any more.

Amanda Abella  11:28  

Yeah, I’ve noticed in our Persuade to Profit program, we have two kinds of clients who join us. We have the ones who want to do it right, from the start. So we’ve saved them a lot of time, money, energy and heartache to deal with. Then we also have the ones who are doing exactly what you said. I’ve noticed that usually, it's around that $8,000 a month mark, and you have a non-scalable model. You're starting to feel it:  you are working 24/7. These are sales system and sales process issues. 

Courtney Elmer  11:58  

I'm sure there's a bunch of listeners nodding their heads right now, too. I can see it in my mind's eye because I have been there. I have had that wake up call where I realized Wait, I can't scale myself, what do I do? So the first response, which is very reactionary, is I need to hire people. But then because you are the bottleneck in your business at that point and you don't have the sales systems in place, you don't have a machine that is running efficiently and effectively, it becomes difficult to plug people in anywhere. So it sucks more of your time to try to train them and to keep up with the workload that you have. 

Amanda Abella  12:45  

Right. And I will say my saving grace in that department was the fact that I don't know if you've done the Clifton Strengths’ Finder test. Strategic Thinking is  my number one strength. I’m methodical. I used to be a recruiter, and my saving grace was I knew the bottleneck situation already, because I’d seen it. And so what I did instead, and what I tell my clients to do is that we have to buy your time back first. The way we're gonna buy your time back is by creating your intellectual property. A scalable high ticket offer, so you can get the profits and the cash flow. Let's get all the stuff that's going on in your head that you're doing for people one-on-one and create a sales funnel, a sales system with it that is profitable and that you can charge a lot of money for. And people ask me, why do you start there? And I say, because when you see all these tiny offer sales funnels and little stuff people are selling, where do you think the ad revenue comes from? There’s a method to my madness because I’ve made all the mistakes already. I’ve wasted the money, so you don’t have to. 

Amanda Abella  14:10  

So that's the first thing we'll have them do. Then from there, we're moving into marketing systems. And we focus mostly on organic marketing, where you don't spend money on ads until you're ready to scale. Don't spend money on ads until you know your audience like the back of your hand. Don't do any of that stuff because then you're going to start eating into your profits and it’s not going to work, because you haven't built the foundations to  understand your audience and their needs and what you're selling. From there it is sales skills, where we are teaching you everything from prospecting, to follow up, to closing, and everything in between. Because one of the things that is lacking in the industry that I've noticed is there, there isn't good sales training for women. It doesn't exist. At some point I realized, why did I have to go to the guys to learn how to sell and learn how to do this properly?

Courtney Elmer  15:12  

Yes, that's a huge gap in the marketplace, and you've identified it so well. There's two themes here that I want to  dig into and build on. One of those is sales skills. And the other one is sales systems. And so let's talk about the skills first. Because first of all, all entrepreneurs want to make money, right?  

Amanda Abella  15:36  

I mean you'd be surprised. I have conversations sometimes where I straight up ask people, Do you want to make money or not? Why are you in this business? And they say, well, I’m ok where I am. And I say, I’ll make you cry, get out of here. 

Courtney Elmer  15:52  

Yeah and the money might be a means to a greater end, more impact, more freedom, lifestyle, but to make money, you have to make sales. But then you say that word and  people either stand there like  a deer in the headlights, or they run and hide under the covers. Get it, because there's a lot of selling going on out there, that feels icky, and a lot of misinformation. One of the things that happens, and you're the expert on this, so I want you to dig in  and unpack this for us, but what I am seeing is that people don't want to sell because they have experienced bad sales experiences. So they think, well, all selling is bad. I don’t want to come across like that, because I’ve felt that on the receiving end. I don’t want to do that to someone else.  Can you unpack that for us? What's going on there with sales funnels?

Amanda Abella  16:44  

Everybody's had a bad sales experience at some point in their lives. That's one of the reasons why they're afraid of doing it. They think that's what sales is, when in reality, most people who are doing sales don't even know how to do it properly. You can look at the statistics and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. A lot of my clients will come in with that mentality, where they're scared to sell. Then when I  break it down for them and help them reframe their perspective, it blows their whole mind. 

No one has ever taken the time to break it down for them. For example, I'll have prospects tell me all the time, no one's taking the time to solve my problems like this. And I’m like that’s how to do sales properly. All you're doing is solving problems with different sales funnels. Now sure there's the skill set, there's the objection handling (which is calling out people, right?) The reason that sometimes gets uncomfortable is because people aren't used to being called out. So it’s understanding what is going on in that process. A lot of people don't teach you that context, they just give you a bunch of sales scripts. So then you get disappointed when you don't make that many sales. Or launch and nobody converts. Then I'll ask, Well, who was the cleanup crew who was following up with everybody who clicked on a sales page? Who was following up with everybody commenting, who's doing these things? What is your process for that? And usually, they'll tell me, there is no process for that. Because no one's taught them how to sell. They're expecting because “the leads are on fire” that they'll  buy. And I tell them, you're still dealing with humans and humans have considerations. And that's normal. 

Courtney Elmer  18:45  

So can you give us a concrete example of  when someone comes to you, and they've had a bad sales experience on the receiving end? Where do you start?What's one of the things that you tell them about the sales process to help alleviate some of that fear of coming across as one of these slimy, yucky salespeople? How do you help them build the right sales funnels? 

Amanda Abella  19:05  

I don't tell them anything. I  show them. 

Courtney Elmer 19:08

Yeah. So give us an example. Where do you start with them?

Amanda Abella 19:12

If they’re coming to me considering being a client, I do it. They experience the sales process with me. Usually they're like, wow, no one's ever done this before. And I say yea, this is what sales actually is. I close a lot of people just by giving them a different sales experience than what they’re used to or what they expect. They say, I need to learn what you did! I have a client who's in our program now. And she said, I signed up because when I got super uncomfortable, you sat there like a champ and let me have my moment, and then walked me through it. 

Courtney Elmer  19:44  

I bet that is powerful. Because now they're experiencing it with you right there in the moment.

Amanda Abella  19:48  

Yeah. Now when they're already in the program, then I unpack what is going on in the sales conversation, why the prospect might get uncomfortable, why you might get uncomfortable, and what to do in those moments? It's shifting the energy of the conversation to having effective sales funnels. A lot of people go into sales conversations like they’re interviewing for a job.

Courtney Elmer  20:19  

Yeah and that's the best way to sell someone is to show them. You could read a book all day about sales funnels, you could watch a million videos, but until you actually experience it, and get out there and do it, nothing changes. I'm imagining a lot of the psychology that goes into it too, how you're showing up and shifting the energy, shifts the experience in your body. That’s so important, because what you experience once you can recreate. So I bet you have a lot of fun there in terms of helping people with that. And probably a lot of beliefs, too, that you have to deal with that come up as well, I would imagine.

Amanda Abella  21:00  

Yeah. And then to your previous question, why do people get uncomfortable. And this has come up more and more recently, sometimes they've had crappy sales training and sales funnels. We have a client right now, who has invested tens of thousands of dollars into business training programs, and hasn't seen much of a result. Then last week, she said, Wait a minute, so I'm supposed to follow up with people? I said yes, Have you seen the statistics on follow up by any chance? I give people the facts. I'm not emotional about it. And that tends to help. 

Courtney Elmer  21:44  

It's so fundamental. I’m sitting here shaking my head as you're sharing this, because I can also remember a place in my life where I used to believe some of those same things. That if I didn't show up a certain way, and “close the deal” then I was doomed. There is a lot of energy and psychology that goes into it. I want to shift gears a little bit here, though, and talk about something that you've mentioned a couple of times is the sales system and the sales process. So what is a sales system? What are sales funnels? And why does someone need them?

Amanda Abella  22:21  

So we call it a customer map. It’s a sales system with various sales funnels. It’s an understanding of how someone goes from finding me on social media and then what is the process we move them through to turn them into a buyer? I also don't believe in an over reliance on ads and technology so that I have a lot of reasons for that. But it’s understanding that process from point A to point B. When I speak with a lot of business owners, I asked them what is your sales process? Can I see your sales funnels?

Most of the time they can't tell me. So I help them start with the end in mind. What problems are you solving? What are we selling? Once that’s clear, let's work on your marketing. That's phase one of your sales system. We want people coming to you. And now we're going to teach you the back end part of this because most people only see the shiny stuff on Instagram, they don't see all the inner workings on the back end of what it takes to turn someone into a paying client. So we'll start moving through that. Sales systems are also called sales funnels. 

I know people get confused about sales funnels. I remember I was doing a YouTube video once and I literally brought out a funnel from underneath the kitchen sink. So basic. But there's a lot of confusion about sales funnels, right, because you'll have people who are saying you don't even need a website, which is bull. People are Googling me. My corporate clients are not going through sales funnels, they are Googling. Then others are saying, slap up a $27 product and build a sales funnel with it and you'll make a million dollars. But no, that's not exactly how that works. So there's a lot of confusion out there about sales funnels in general. There’s a difference between a sales funnel and a sales process. So I call the process the customer map, how someone goes from finding you to paying you. 

Courtney Elmer  24:36  

That's a brilliant way to put it. Sales funnels can get so convoluted and complex and they're dependent on so many different things. I like how you've simplified it to having a customer map and a sales process. Then identifying, what the transformation you’re providing for them? What are you actually selling? And then now how do we educate them along the way to get them ready to pull out their wallet and pay you (and not in a sleazy way)? We know that the transformation begins with the transaction. You can't actually help someone until they're paying you to help them. So that's the first step.

Amanda Abella  25:20  

Speaking of which, we go through a lot of pricing stuff in Persuade to Profit too, because this is where my finance brain comes in. I’m big on profits, cash flow, predictability, and numbers. This is usually a big issue for people. Oftentimes, when I speak to women business owners, they're having cash flow problems, which are a result of a couple things. One, there's no clarity on what you're doing. 

As in, no clarity on what your message is and how you're helping people, which then causes problems with the lead flow. So you're not talking to enough people that will close the sales. Then when you close the sales, you're not priced for profits. So it's  a cocktail of little itty bitty common mistakes, that could screw up a business.

Courtney Elmer  26:10  

I'm glad you brought that up about pricing. I'm curious, what's the biggest objection you hear when people are pricing their programs? What's the fear? How do you address that in your sales funnels?

Amanda Abella  26:22  

Mostly imposter syndrome, or they're afraid of coming off as greedy. 

Courtney Elmer  26:32  

This is a big thing for a lot of people. Let's dig into that more. What's a word of advice that you would give someone if they are worried about overpricing themselves? Or if they're sitting there saying, okay, I want to be able to charge big bucks for something, but I don't know if it's worth it, if I'm worth it, and all the stuff that comes up.

Amanda Abella  26:52  

I'm very unemotional about this stuff. I believe your intuition and your emotions have a place. But we’ve got to be careful with paying too much attention to our feelings in business. Sometimes it's not about you and your feelings. It's about the business, and the people you're trying to help. I'm a recovering under-earner. I started realizing, and the data will back this up, that it’s way easier to sell stuff that costs thousands of dollars than it is to sell something that costs hundreds of dollars. Everybody who’s been in sales knows this. There are so many reasons why that I cover in my program. One reason is some people think they are somehow not enough of an expert to charge high-dollar.  I had a conversation with someone the other day, who was one of the ones having all the issues I mentioned in her business. 

She has a lot of insecurities around pricing. She's a relationship coach, and I said, let me tell you what is going on out here with the relationship coaches. People are paying them thousands of dollars to end up in toxic relationships. I've seen it with my own two eyes. You have a duty and a responsibility to get it together. Because either they pay you and get the result that they're looking for in the transformation, or they're going to go pay someone else and destroy their lives. I'm not exaggerating. And then they realize, whoa, suddenly, it's not about them anymore. They're able to  get over those insecurities. So it's a combination of helping them shift out of their own limited thinking and showing them the stats. At that point, if it's not working, the last thing that needs to happen is you need to get sick and tired of being broke. Everybody reaches that point in time.

Courtney Elmer  29:09  

What I love about what you said there was that you helped her reconnect to her greater vision, and to the impact and the calling and the mission of what she's been put here to do. And that by shortchanging herself, she's robbing other people of the opportunity for growth and transformation. That is hugely important to realize. 

And if you're listening, and if you struggle with pricing and sales funnels in any way, first, I want you to know that it's normal. We all have something around pricing, and we all start somewhere with our pricing. But at the end of the day, what's more important: the figure you're asking for the transformation you provide, or robbing someone of their lesson if you don’t ask for that figure or shortchange the transformation you can provide in any way. It’s not just under charging, it’s undervaluing the work that you’re here to do. 

Amanda Abella  30:04  

Yeah. For me personally, I realized they were mediocre people out here making more money than me. That was enough. I said to myself, wait a second, you're getting paid how much? I could run circles around you. Okay. My prices are going up.

Courtney Elmer  30:21  

Okay, so we've talked about a lot of things here, and I want to bring it all back to this idea of a sales system and sales funnels. If someone's walking away from this episode, today, obviously, we've opened up many cans of worms and they’re thinking about a lot of things, and hopefully they want to reach out and get in touch with you. But what would you leave them with? If they're walking away today, where would be the first place for them to start if they don't have a sales system in place right now.

Amanda Abella  30:51  

Get clarity on what it is you actually do. I know that sounds weird, especially if someone's already making money and needs to scale. But even those people, I end up having to put them through the same process, because they missed something along the way. They didn't pay attention to anything because they were too busy. And that little something could be the difference between the money you're making now and doubling it on your next launch. So I would say you have to get clarity on what you do for people. And I say that  based on having thousands of conversations with business owners. Usually that is the first place where everybody struggles.

Courtney Elmer  31:38  

Very true, and not the answer that you would expect, which is fascinating. This is why the work that you do is so needed, because it's not about getting a sales system in place, or hurrying up to build those sales funnels or hurrying up to learn and practice the sales skills that you need to close more deals. It starts here, it starts with the groundwork.

Amanda Abella  32:00  

Your sales funnels won't work if you don't know your audience like the back of your hand. That's where you end up in situations where people who say, I'm going to pay a Facebook ads agency, or I'm going to start these new sales funnels. Then they freak out and go Oh my gosh, it’s not converting! It's not converting because you didn't do the groundwork.

Courtney Elmer  32:12  

I've been there. I have spent thousands on hiring ad agencies and  throwing money at my problems, because I didn't want to take responsibility for them. I mean, if we're being honest. 

Amanda Abella  32:26  

Clarity dictates everything else. That's why we start there in Persuade to Profit. In the first two weeks, people gain more clarity in their business than ever before. We start there for a reason. It's because it dictates everything else I'm going to teach you. That is the foundation of everything. 

We had a student recently who’s worked behind the scenes with a top coach in the personal development, self-love space. She was telling me she would email her list of 60,000 and no one would buy. Not one. It was because they didn’t understand sales systems. They didn’t understand the messaging. You need to understand that if you’re going to excel in business. So now that she’s starting her own business, we're two weeks in and she's like, okay, I'm ready to give my testimonial because those first two modules were worth the entire investment. 

Courtney Elmer  33:35  

That shows the impact that you make. The very first thing I say in an opening session on our Mastermind retreat is that the best gift that I can give you when you walk out of those doors in three days, is the gift of clarity. Without that, you will spin your wheels, you will waste time, you will waste energy, and you will waste resources. You'll wind up broken out of business, which, unfortunately, is all too common. I don't think people know the statistics on that. But entrepreneurial burnout cost the U.S. alone upwards of $300 billion dollars a year due to entrepreneurial farm failure.

Amanda Abella  34:14  

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised. I heard a statistic the other day too, that 78% of women businesses never make it past $50,000 a year. I don't know what your revenue is. But based on our conversation, you're probably somewhere where I am. We're 2%.

Courtney Elmer  34:31  

We’ve got to change that. So how people get in touch with you because this is so valuable. What you teach about sales funnels is so needed, and if someone is struggling in this way, and you're listening right now, please connect with Amanda. She is the genius when it comes to all of this. You heard today it's not about knowing some skills and hurrying up and getting it out there and swinging the bat again. But it is about understanding the game as a whole and having a clear strategy on how to play it.

Amanda Abella  35:00  

The first one is to go to my website, amandaabella.com. All the things will be there, the podcast, the programs, resources to build sales funnels and develop a sales process, and how to reach out to us. That's  the hub. 

The other thing I would do is come join us in our free Facebook group. Go to Facebook, search “high ticket sales for women coaches' ', it should be the first one that comes up. We're doing complimentary training once a week there. That’s the easiest way to get in contact with me and my team, because we're there, every day.

Courtney Elmer  35:53  

Yeah, you've got a thriving community there. It's awesome. I do have one final question for you before you go. And I ask everyone that comes on the show, because I love hearing the answers to this one. What does it mean to you to live an EffortLESS Life®?

Amanda Abella  36:08  

I have a good answer for you. The last time we talked, I was still building stuff out. And now we're done. I was telling you how we hired three people last week. An EffortLESS Life® for me is when the systems are working, the team is working. I could do whatever I want with my time, because this would not be possible without my team and systems. Money is hitting that bank account every single day because of effective sales funnels, thanks to our systems, and I'm in my zone of genius. That's where I spend most of my time. If you build a business where you spend most of your time in your zone of genius, it will feel effortless. 

Courtney Elmer  36:49  

I couldn't agree more. Amanda, thank you so much for being here today. This was a lot of fun. 

Amanda Abella e7:02

Thank you for having me. 

Courtney Elmer 37:05

Wasn't that great? What did you learn about sales funnels? 

Amanda is so much fun, she has always had a knack for telling you what you need to hear which we could use a whole lot more of in today's online world. So look: systems. We have been talking about that here on the show this month. And we have got a program called the Visionary Leader Incubator™, where we teach you all of this and more. Visionary Leaders surround themselves with four things. Every influencer that you look up to who has crossed that seven figure mark has surrounded themselves with the right systems, the right support, the right business structure, and the right accountability. 

This program is invite only, we have a whole application process that people go through. And we don't accept everyone. But if this is something that you would like to learn more about, and if you are serious about learning not only how to get the right systems in place in your business to scale more easily, but more importantly, that you feel finally ready to fully step into your role as a visionary leader and you want to learn how specifically to do that. Then reach out to us. I want you to send an email to Lynnae, our customer experience architect, she’s at hello-AT-theeffortlesslife.co. And she can give you all the details about the program and on how to apply. 

And I’d love to connect with you! I love seeing what our listeners are up to. I love hearing about the businesses that you're building and the sales funnels you’re developing. Come find me on Instagram and follow me there @theeffortlesslife.co. I've got new reels there almost every day calling out the truth of what it's like to be an online business owner. And I share daily tips on how to simplify your workflows so that you can start spending more time in your zone of genius. 

Now in the weeks ahead, we are taking one full episode to dive into each of these four systems. Last week was visibility, this week was sales funnels. Next week, we're diving into the first of the two back-end systems every online business owner needs in their business, starting with your Deliverability System. What is that? What is deliverability? Why do I need a Deliverability System? We're answering all of that and more next week right here on the Systems Made Simple™ podcast. So stay tuned, and until then, go live your EffortLESS Life®.