March 17, 2020

From Zero to $3 Million in Sales in a Single Month with Christina Rusca

From Zero to $3 Million in Sales in a Single Month with Christina Rusca

On this episode of The Systems Made Simple™ Podcast, business systems expert Courtney Elmer sits down with Christina Rusca, to show you the simple secrets that make scaling a business easier.

Scaling a business based on the belief that you need to work harder and hustle more will only leave you frustrated, discouraged, and stuck.

That’s because all the small business growth strategies in the world won’t fix a broken mindset.

When Christina first came to me, she was struggling to grow her business like she wanted to, despite working at her max and applying all of the small business growth strategies her industry leaders told her to do.

I remember Christina telling me, “It felt like there was a huge gap between where I was, and where I wanted to be. I started wondering, is this all there is to life?” 

Inside today’s exclusive episode you’ll hear how Christina’s life transformed when she started applying the Visionary Leader Formula™ to her business, and how it resulted in faster progress and higher profits than she’d ever experienced from all of the other programs and conferences she’d previously invested in, combined. She shares ultimately her secrets to scaling a business quickly and efficiently.


  • Went from making virtually $0 in sales to grossing $3 MILLION+ in revenue in a single month while scaling a business 

  • Became recognized as the top two salesperson in her region and named Sales Manager of her own branch

  • Learned how to identify and let go of the underlying limiting beliefs holding her back, while scaling a business

  • Opened the door to incredible new opportunities she would never have experienced otherwise

  • Has successfully streamlined her operations and kept her business on this trajectory for 2+ years since

If you feel like you’re working as hard as you can but aren’t seeing the progress you want to make as you try scaling a business, grab those AirPods and tune in now!

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You're listening to the Systems Made Simple™ podcast, Episode 9. I cannot wait for you to meet today's guest, Christina Rusca. Now Christina and I have been working together for about a year and a half. And the transformation that she has had has been incredibly powerful. Christina is a wife, a mom, and she's a professional mortgage lender, who began her career in the mortgage industry after she helped her parents buy their first home. She's super active in her community. And in fact, that's where we first met. I spoke at a one day women's retreat for professionals in the city. And if I had to guess, there were probably over like 100 or so women there easily-all wanting to learn scaling a business and small business growth strategies.

And from the stage that day, I offered the attendees to book a zoom call with me if they wanted to explore the programs, I offer to help them accomplish more while doing less and find true success in all areas of their life. So they can have that bigger lasting impact that they want and deserve. And out of all of those women, Christina's call is the one that I remember most. Because when Christina first came to me, she felt stuck. She was frustrated that she was working so hard and doing all the things industry leaders told her to do but still struggled scaling a business. 

But she wasn't growing and scaling a business was tough, and, she had finally reached a point where she was wondering if this was all there was to life, she couldn't figure out how to achieve more. She was literally at her max, and already working as hard and as long as a human possibly could. So fast forward, we started working together, she started seeing progress right out the gate more than she ever had from any of the other programs or conferences that she had invested in. And then she came on the EffortLESS Life® mastermind retreat. Now, for those of you that don't know, I've run an amazing three day retreat every year for women who are ready to break up with bizzy once and for all. It's really such a powerful event. Such a great group of women in that room every year. We discuss a variety of things including scaling a business, small business growth strategies, and more. 

Honestly, it's one of my absolute favorite events to host in my business because the transformations that happen in that room over the weekend are beyond incredible. So Christina came to that event. And that's when things really clicked, she walked out of there, and went from making virtually nothing and sales to grossing over $3 million. In a single month, she was recognized as the top two salesperson in her entire region, and then went on to become a sales manager of her own branch. 

And that's not all because her personal life has transformed to now I'm gonna let her give you the details of what limiting beliefs she had to let go of in order for all of this to happen, the new mindset that she's replaced them with, and what's now possible for her because of it. 

So let's give a warm welcome today to our featured guest, Christina Rusca.


Christina, welcome to the show. I'm so excited that you're here. Thank you. I'm happy to be here and I can't wait to dive in. You have a really powerful story. And quite honestly, it's been such an honor and a joy to have the privilege of working with you over this past what now a year and a half or so I mean, hasn't been that long. It’s been an incredible journey watching you scaling a business.

Well, why don't you tell our listeners just to kind of get them introduced to you and who you are and what you do, tell us who you help and how you help them. Okay, I, Christina, I work for a loan depot. I'm a sales manager and a loan consultant on the North Shore, and I finance the American dream. So what that looks like is people who are shopping for a home, I help them pick the best product to get them into the home, or people who maybe have some equity, that pulling that out, would help them sort of revamp their financial situation, and just, you know, reduce their overall debt load, things like that. 

So I really just advise people on how to use their home as hopefully an asset for them, and, you know, help them figure out what the best products available are, because they're just so many options available in mortgage. And it's not like this sexy career path where people are like, let's talk about mortgages, small business growth strategies, or scaling a business.

So yeah, it's just a really ever evolving, ever changing field with endless possibilities to scaling a business. And I'm very passionate about making sure that it's people's largest purchase, usually of their lives. So I'm very passionate about making sure that people are choosing wisely and have all of the information that they need to make a good financial decision for their family. I love that I love how you said financing the American dream to write of being a homeowner like just to actually have that and to learn how to leverage that as an asset and helping them and I know from knowing you and from us working together for a while, that the reason that you're passionate about this, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it's because you moved around a lot as a kid, and you really just about that stability, and that security, you know, helping other people have that as well, which I think is so important and such a beautiful thing. 

Yeah, we didn't move around a lot, what we did was rented. And so we were in the same house for a long, long time, because it was like the cheapest rent that my parents could find. And so then we just, it's almost like a rent controlled situation, like the landlord knew that, you know, my dad was going to school and my mom was waitressing. And so, you know, we needed the rent to be low. So the rent never increased. However, the property never increased in value really, either, because there was a lot of delayed maintenance. And, you know, a landlord's not going to come in and overhaul a bunch of stuff in a house where you're paying $200 a month to live there. So it was not the best, I guess, environment to grow up in. And it was, even though their rent was as low as it was, it was still a struggle for my parents every month with four children to try to live. 

And so yeah, it was it. It created a lot of anxiety that I didn't even realize until all these years later, that that anxiety was around, you know, homeownership and having a place to live and having a roof over your head. Yeah, that's I don't know why I thought y'all moved around a lot. But that makes sense. Now that you're saying this, like, Oh, yeah, it's coming back to me. 

But yeah, just so interesting to how like, you know, things in our past might dictate how we're living our current present reality, where we don't even realize that and I would love for you to take us back to if you could, you know, when we first met, which has probably been about what a year and a half at this point, I think that where you were then in your life in your business, and some of those struggles and challenges that you were facing at that time. So I just was very anxious a lot of the time and just kind of feeling like I was in this rat race. And that sort of like is all there is sort of thing, like, that movie is just as good as I think.

And, um, and I just didn't, I felt like there was more I knew there was more, I couldn't get it. And I was just, I just felt tired and just beat down. And it's like, I need to work harder. And I would put everything I could into working harder, and it's like then things weren't changing, and just how much harder Can I work? How much more time do I have? And I just was, I don't want to say I was miserable. I just kind of was probably like melancholy would be the better word. Like I just was tired of doing the same thing and, and not getting any different results. I struggled scaling a business, any business. Yeah, I think so many people listening can relate to this idea of working harder and doing all the things that you know how to do and feeling like nothing's changing. 

Like, it doesn't matter how hard I work and kind of having this realization like it doesn't matter how hard I'm working like nothing seems to change. I can't seem to hit my goals or get these results and what is the deal? Why am I having a hard time scaling a business? Why aren’t these small business growth strategies working? 

And I think that's where a lot of people start to think what's wrong with me, you know, and why am I not able to accomplish this thing or these goals? And why am I having a hard time scaling a business? For you, that shifted a bit but I'm curious, before we get to that part in the story, tell us a little bit about the kind of that thought process that was going through your mind. So you were feeling, you know, kind of down kind of melancholy about this, like wondering, Is this all there is? Were you having any of those thoughts that self doubt, you know, that so many people experience at that time, too? Yes, absolutely. I've, I am definitely my own worst critic, I've always been. And funnily enough, that is, I've just recently kind of learned the correlation between how I, how I speak to myself internally, versus how I speak to other people. And there's this funny little meme. And it's like the molana, you know, like the little fire monster chick. And then, you know, eventually, at the end of the movie, she's like, this beautiful green blush. 

And she's nice and calm. And it's like, that's the meme. It's like how I perceive my tone in my head when I'm speaking to people. And then it got like, the fire chick. And it's like, how it actually comes across. And that is, because of my internal dialogue. The way I speak to other people is the way I speak to myself, which is not very nice as it happens. So I've really been working on that. And it's not ugly. It's just very, like, pointed and direct. And it's like, you know, that's how I speak to myself.

What are you doing? Why are you doing it faster? Why am I not scaling a business quicker? Why am I using these small business growth strategies that aren’t working? Why aren't you better at this kind of thing, not that I say those specific things. It's just that the tone is the way that I speak to myself. And I think that for a long time, it would seem to be nicer to people, I just need to be kinder and nicer. And it comes across as more like condescending or fake. 

And it's because I need to be nicer to myself. And if I'm nicer to myself, and I changed the way that I speak to me, then automatically, I don't speak to other people that way. That's huge. Yeah, I think having that respect for yourself, to treat yourself and to speak to yourself the way that you want to be spoken to, and also the way that you want to speak to others. It's so huge. I mean, not so many people feel like, you know, they've got that little voice of self doubt. It's like that demon on the shoulder, right? Like you remember the old cartoons like the angel on one side, the demon on the other, that little demon sometimes just chattering away all day long. 

And it's just like, Oh, my gosh, you know, how do we overcome that. So let's fast forward a bit to when you and I did meet, because I remember when we met, you know, Christina, I met at this event that I was speaking at, there's probably 120 women in the room. And there were a lot of applications that came in after I spoke. And I remember when we hopped on the phone to actually have a conversation about where you were like in your current situation, the challenges you were facing. 

And kind of it's just this overall sense of frustration and stuckness. I'll call it that you were feeling at the time? And what was the thing that really shifted for you even in that conversation to say that, you know what, I think that starting to learn how to see things a little differently in my life is the decision I need to make because all this other stuff that I've been doing hasn't been working. Right. I just think when you started to talk about how working harder is not the fix. And people think that they just have to watch us have to apply themselves or we just have to, I just have to work harder and longer and you know, work longer into the day. And I think when you spoke about how it's possible for you to know, it is possible to have a balanced life and an integrated life. 

And you can spend time with your family and you can take time for yourself and all those things and still be successful. Like you don't have to trade one for the other, you don't have to make the decision that well, I'm going to say that success is going to have to just, you know be ratcheted down on my list of things I want because I also want to have a family and to have some time for myself and to not be frazzled all the time. 

Like you can have it all if you learn how to do that, like how to make yourself a priority and make your family a priority. Make your career a priority. Make scaling a business a priority. And you don't have to kill yourself doing it. You just have to make really solid decisions. So yeah, to figure out how to integrate everything. Yeah, I love that too. And I think just having that clarity, right like to know what decisions to be making. Because I find this a lot. So many women, you know, think they're doing things differently by trying this new productivity hack or buying that new planner, this new strategy or this new thing that someone on Instagram told him to try. Trying this strategy and this tactic to scaling a business. And we get bogged down with doing more things. And they're not always necessarily the right things. So I'm just so glad that you made that decision to say I'm going to try something different because what I've been doing hasn't been working and see where this goes. 

Things really changed for you when you came on the mastermind retreat last year, it's hard to believe it's almost been a year at this point, but so much happened for you. I feel like that was really the catalyst for so many things. And so many doors that opened, can you walk us through that? What was that experience? Like, what, where were you before and what happened for you afterward?

So, I feel like I was in a good headspace because it was right at the beginning of the year. So I already was in that mindset of kicking off the year strong and all that stuff. And the retreat itself was really, it's just a very calming, introspective way to kind of get set for what you want to do. I'd be interested in all those other women too, it was amazing, just that I love that energy, the energy in that room was just very powerful, but call them at the same time. So that was just a really good place to be. And although we went through all the sessions, and I could feel myself kind of just getting like, a little bit agitated, and I was like, why am I getting agitated like this is, this is a beautiful space, and we're all you know, sharing and doing all this work. And we, we were at the end of a session, and you said, you said our business is to heal us in some way. 

And then we and then we broke, we went on a break. And I just sat there for a minute and just kind of absorbed that and it just came to me that I do what I do, because of my early childhood experience with where I live, and how we lived and that it was so anxiety producing and stressful, and, and all of that. And so that was a big shift for me, because I remember whenever we first talked, the first call that we had after, you know, I said, Yes, I want you to be my coach. 

And I said, I'm ready, I'm ready to find my why I want to, I want to get that why I need that. And he was like, Okay, well, we'll get to that at some point. Now that you've you know, kind of put it out there, your y will find you you don't need to look for your y like the universe is aware that you're looking for it. And so it took that year of growth and work and then it just came and just plopped right down in my lap. And it was like this is it. This is why it was such a great feeling. That was such a beautiful moment when that happened. I remember that crystal clear as if it was yesterday, and your entire demeanor changed. And it wasn't like you were in a, you know, a bad place before. It wasn't like you were overly stressed or overwhelmed. You have complete clarity on scaling a business.

Like you were in a good place coming into the retreat. But then in that moment when you had that clarity on that, why and on that purpose. That was like, everything shifted for you. It was visible, it was visible. And it was just a different energy, which was so cool to witness. And I love when things like that happen, because it really can happen that easily. That effortlessly. We often think we have to work so hard to find it and dig and uncover. And really, it's about setting that intention. 

And being aware of noticing letting it unfold. So with this newfound purpose, right, and this why and this clarity that you walked away with, what did that allow you to do? Even in just that span of a month or two, following the retreat? You had some pretty big things happen, didn't you? Yes, I had my biggest month of production that I've had in my career. And I felt like there was a mental shift for me. I was able to focus on scaling a business.

One of my values is loyalty. And I will often hang on to something that's not serving me for far longer than I should just because I'm like, I'm committed, I'm loyal. This is me. And something that happened in the retreat. And all, you know, the full year that I had been working with you, well, about nine months, I have been working with you up to that point. It's like Why ask yourself, like, really dig in and ask yourself, is this accurate? Or is this a story that you're telling yourself? And so I had my biggest month in production, but at a company that I really didn't feel aligned with. And so I said, self? Like, do you have to be here because you want to be here or you feel like this is you know, you've made this commitment, and this is what you're going to do? Or is that just the story that you're telling yourself? Like, are you really going to lose anything by exploring other options and maybe finding somewhere that's a better fit for you? And the answer to that was no. So we can just kind of instead of just completely shutting down other possibilities, other options other companies when people would call me. 

Like I just decided to entertain, you know, the possibility that there might be a better fit for me somewhere. And that is when I interviewed with a loan depot, and this company is amazing. Like, everything I could want in a mortgage company is here, technology, amazing people just this is a really good fit.  It seemed like an easy way to scaling a business. For me, it's very progressive, very open. Communication is great. It's just, it's like my dream company. 

So it's like, I'm doing my dream job. And so then I shifted to my dream company. And so I'm pumped every day to go to work, because it's like, I'm doing what I'm supposed to do at the place that I'm supposed to be doing it. And it's just like this amazing synergy. For me. That's awesome. I love what you said too, about one of your values is loyalty.

And just this idea of commitment and doing what I say I'm gonna do, and this whole idea of integrity that even goes with that hand in hand. And this is something I see so often. And it's this belief, this mindset that many of us adopt, I've adopted this mindset at times in my life to not even realizing it. But it's like, am I holding on to this? Because I have to? Or am I holding on to this? 

Because I'm afraid of what will happen if I don't? And I mean, it's such a question that just cuts to the core of that, right? And it's like, no, and because you had that clarity, you're able to see possibilities that you couldn't see before, which is what's led to where you are now and loving the company that you're with and continuing to do well, and really just these opportunities for growth that you've had since then, that's awesome. Well, I would love to hear what was the biggest takeaway, or even in just our time working together, because you and I have worked together one on one, you've been through the retreat, like, we're like this. 

Well, we've blocked a journey, which is I love that it's been a privilege, it truly is, what some of your biggest takeaways, what's maybe one or two things that you know, the biggest belief that shifted for you. And what's now possible that is possible because of it. I think that the work around bringing yourself to cause and not being stuck in the victim loop and being able to ask yourself, if you're in the victim loop, and then just to be able to recognize that and then shift yourself out of it, it really does happen pretty instantly. It's the learning to identify, that's the piece, like that's the missing piece. So when you ask yourself, like, why is always the question, why am I feeling like this? Like, why am I reacting this way and stuff. 

And it's always about taking personal responsibility. And then when you take the personal responsibility, like, it's just a mind shift completely like you, you take your part of what's happening and, you know, then you can figure out how to be you know, how to apply different things like gratitude will get you out of sticky spots every time, things like that, and not blaming other people for things that are yours to own. And that's been huge for me, I didn't even realize like, I thought I had done a lot of work, I thought on myself, as far as personal responsibility, but when you really dig into your system, and just the different little ways that you're in the victim loop, it's kind of like personal responsibility. 2.0 you know, with how you coach because it's like, you think you've got it, but then there's this like, there's these little niggling things that you don't even realize, then you're like, Yeah, no, not really taking personal responsibility for that. 

So kind of shifting that off on other things, other people. And so it's been really good. You have to work at it. Like it's still I can still fly back into being grumpy and grouchy, and things aren't going the way that I want them to go and holding on to stuff and, and putting a lot of emphasis on the outcome of something and just really trying to get things to go the way I want them to go by sheer force of will. And so like I easily slide back into that pattern, and then I have to recognize it. 

And I think that's what I've taken away mostly, is just being present enough in moments where I would otherwise just kind of keep barreling through with my old mindset. And now I take a step back, or I try to take a step back and think, you know, the best thing that I can do, like what can I do to be different in this situation? How can I take responsibility? What's the most positive thing that I can add to this situation? You know, that sort of stuff? Beautiful? Yeah. 

And I think this idea, you know, changing our mindset, you know, trading these old beliefs that don't serve us for new beliefs is kind of like when you go and get a new haircut. And maybe it's not just the one inch little trim that you've got before, maybe this is something like a totally different look, it takes your brain a while to catch up with that, like, I think actually there is a statistical that, like, the average is like seven days for your brain to like, recognize your face again and say, Oh, that's me, like, I got it. Yeah. So it really is the same idea, right? When we trade out these old beliefs that don't serve us, for new ones, we're really breaking habits, we're breaking habits of thought. 

And like you said, it's very easy to slide back into that, but simply that awareness and the ability that you have now developed, it's a learned skill, anyone can learn how to cultivate that awareness to start noticing things to recognize, you know, when you've gotten off track, and then it's just a matter of applying the tools to get back on track that victim of that you mentioned, which is really just this, you know, for those listening, you can think of this as like a hamster wheel. And it's that hamster wheel that we get stuck on, right. The hamster wheel of life, the hamster wheel of scaling a business, and more. 

And we have a tendency when we're running on that wheel towards our goal, you know, we tend to blame time for our lack of results. So I don't have enough time, or we tend to blame other people, right? Like, well, I don't have, you know, a babysitter to help me. I've got the kids at home. And so I just don't know, and then that kind of sometimes backs up into a time excuse to our finances or other reasons why, you know, we kind of push off that personal responsibility onto other people or things just as you mentioned. Yeah. And so really calling that back into place like no, no, what can I do? What am I responsible for? And staying committed to that, staying loyal to that? Yes, yes. I love it. I love it. So what's next on the horizon for you where to from here. 

So I am gearing up for another of your retreats, which I'm super pumped about. And I was talking to you earlier, I just got my Corey Clark planner. And I love that. So that just kind of keeps me working toward, you know, my goals as well. So I just, I'm excited about planning for 2020 and all the little, you know, vision, things that go with that. And I am just really committed to doing the best job I can do, where my career and business are concerned. I’m learning all about scaling a business and the right small business growth strategies. And I feel like all these little tools that I've picked up along the way, or really, it's kind of just I'm starting to get rolling. I mean, it's just really an exciting time to be in mortgage right now. And again, I know that's like, it's like, whoo.

But it really is, it's really, it's really exciting. And my daughter's graduating from high school in May. So I'm excited about that. And I just, I don't know, I just I'm enjoying, I'm enjoying myself for a change instead of being so kind of locked down. And like what's the next thing I'm just kind of trying to take the time to feel really thankful about the things that I have. Now it's like that little thing that likes the things that I have, the things that I used to wish for, or the things that I have now and it's like mind boggling a little bit. So just trying to kind of enjoy that and keep all of these things that I've been working on in play and, and not kind of backslide and just get in my little little ruts. So just keep everything fresh. 

And I am one of those people that you mentioned earlier where it's like all the new like gimmicky you know, things like that, and I was reading super attractor by Gabby Bernstein and she says something about, you don't want to turn into like a manic manifester. I'm like I'm that girl. I like trying to magically manifest everything, including scaling a business. So that's the thing that I think I probably struggle with the most is I am kind of high, strong and high energy. 

And so I just really need to make sure that I am in the moment as often as I can be. And the good thing about that is once you've learned some of this stuff, even when you do kind of feel like a man, like what is the point or whatever you get in a bad mood or whatever, like, you can never sit there again. That's the thing, like, you know, there's something better and you know how to get yourself out of it. So you even when you kind of feel like what, you know, what's the point or whatever you have a bad day, like you can't stay in that space, because it's so uncomfortable now, it's not an option for you. Yes, that's so good. 

And it's so true, right? It's like this old place of comfort is now an uncomfortable place to be and you know, in everything that you're saying, I think the main takeaway here is like we got to do that inner work. That's where the real work is. So often we look at the external world, what can we do in order to achieve our goals? What can we spend our time on, but it that, in essence really just causes us to spin our wheels and to stay busy on the wrong things. There's a human behind every business. And if we're not growing and thriving, we can't expect our businesses to grow and thrive. It’s almost impossible to implement small business growth strategies while scaling a business.

And so just to really highlight that aspect of your journey like that has been just a beautiful thing for even me to sit here and witness you doing the work that matters and it's the work on yourself which has allowed all of these other possibilities and opportunities and this growth in this momentum that you have created sense to happen for you. So congrats on that, because that's huge. And it's just been, it's like I said, it's just been awesome to witness this. I can't wait to see what's next for you. And either I'm excited. I know you should be. I'm excited for you. 

So any other Final Thoughts? I've got one question to close this out. But is there anything else that you want to add or something that you know, for those listening today that may be in that place where you were back a year and a half ago, when we first met, they felt like they're frustrated? And they're just stuck? What would you tell them? What would you want to leave with them today? Does it involve business or life? How about scaling a business? Small business growth strategies?

I just think don't stop looking. That's not all there is. And just keep asking questions. Try implementing meaningful and relevant small business growth strategies so scaling a business is easier. And if you can get to the retreat, get to the retreat, because that really is where the magic happens. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's a game changer. It really is. So I think it's a huge, you know, way to invest in yourself and, and to get yourself kind of aligned with who you are, who you want to be your goals, your dreams, all of that. Amazing. Oh, well, thank you. And yeah, for those listening, we'll link up to that in the show notes. That way you have access and go learn a little bit more about it. If that is something that is interesting to you, if you're curious about that. And so my final question for you, Christina, is this? What is your definition of success? Hmm, that's hard. 

What was easy and effortless? What's that? Yeah. I think success is, like I said, like whole life integration, feeling like, I am exactly where I'm supposed to be doing exactly what I'm supposed to do with the people that I'm supposed to be doing it with, and, and just making, making those kinds of decisions that advanced my life. I think it also includes scaling a business. And I think that when I think of that balance and integration, you know, that you're on the right path, when you feel good about what you're doing. 

And I mean, I'm, you know, hired a personal trainer. So I'm like, I'm going to the gym more. And I'm really trying to kind of take it back to basics scaling a business. So like, do a really solid discovery call with each potential customer and really dig in and ask questions, and not just kind of gloss over things and hope that they work out in the end. And then that creates more anxiety later, like, I'm really trying to get kind of back to basics in all aspects of my life. And that is causing me to feel really successful. 

Because I am, like, I have all these little touch points. And, and it's not like busy, busy, busy, like, I got to do everything. It's like, sort of like a holistic approach. You know, like, I'm taking care of myself, I'm taking care of my family, I'm scaling a business. And I mean, it feels good. So I mean, I really think that that sort of is right now, my definition of success, just being able to approach everything holistically and do the best I can with what I have, and, and really feel at the end of the day, when I like audit my day, like you, you got, you got a lot done today. And it's not just stuff, it's like, you feel really good.  I journal in the morning, and I journal in the evening, and I kind of just tried to touch all those places and, and move more often than not, like I feel good about what I've accomplished, learning scaling a business strategies.

And you know, it's there. So a little bit of that whole checking off those boxes, because that's the kind of girl I am but but you know, just, I feel I feel and I have a lot of grief for myself now where I didn't before. And that's something else that I've learned working with you is like, sometimes you just have to give yourself a break and say, today's not that day where I'm going to check all the boxes, and that's okay. And so and that too, is, to me a form of success, like letting myself off the hook sometimes for not being everything to everybody. 

So to myself. Yes, you know, it's been said there's power in the pause. And most people do the opposite. They try to work harder, they try to do more, they try to fix all the things that are broken by doing more, which really just burns them out and leaves them feeling you know, that melancholy and there's just a sense of bollocks to their life, like what am I even doing? It prevents them from so many things including, scaling a business.

Like, why is this even worth it? Like what, you know, when I was I love how you said that how it's like, you know, even just on those days where not all the boxes get checked, that that's a success too, because you're giving yourself permission to not have to check all the boxes. And that's just a beautiful way of living. And it's just really you know, to see someone like you who has learned the tools, taking the time to grow to work on themselves and taking the action, the right action, and then what's just become possible for you in the big things and even in these very small things. Like I said journaling at the end of the day and noticing you know, today went really well for the most part and

Celebrating those little accomplishments and seeing that progress along the way, that's huge. I'm just so happy for you and so proud of you. And for all that you've been doing to grow and for how far you've come. 

Thank you. 

Thanks so much for being here, and thank you guys so much for tuning in. I hope you learned a lot about scaling a business, living your own life, and following your own passions. We'll see you here next time on the Systems Made Simple™ podcast.