June 1, 2021

Introducing the Systems Made Simple Podcast!

Introducing the Systems Made Simple Podcast!

Chances are you already know that time, energy, and effort are limited resources. You can only expend so much of them before you max out, because action is the least scalable resource you have as an online business owner. 

The solution? Well-oiled business systems and processes behind the scenes to support you in doing what you do best as a visionary leader.

Look, we get it. The back end of your business isn’t where you want to focus. Right now, it’s a hot mess — which you HATE, and organizing it doesn’t seem to come naturally to you. Also, business systems aren’t as sexy or glamorous as marketing, networking, or shining in your zone of genius.

But unlike what most online experts will tell you, the secret to running a successful online business is not increasing your sales or beefing up your online marketing strategies. 

It’s the degree to which you streamline your operations and create leverage within your business so you can spend more of your time in your zone of genius (the sales and buzzworthy-ness will naturally follow).

Simply put: when you know how to set up your business the right way on the back end, it allows you to be seen in your niche as the visionary leader you’re meant to be.

Ranked globally among the top shows in Business, Marketing, and Education, the Systems Made Simple™ podcast, hosted by business systems expert Courtney Elmer, is the best business podcast for everything you need to know about streamlining your business systems, hiring and growing your team, scaling beyond six figures, and stepping fully into your role as the Visionary Leader of your company.

It’s time for a new way to live + work. Welcome to the Systems Made Simple™ podcast with your host, Courtney Elmer. 





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What’s up, this is Courtney Elmer, CEO & Founder of The EffortLESS Life® and your host on the Systems Made Simple™ Podcast!

Did you hear the latest news? Grit and hustle is no longer a viable way to grow your business. At least not if you want to scale beyond six figures. You know it, I know it, so let’s just call it like we see it and admit that if you rely solely on your own effort to scale your business, which is a limited resource by the way, you’re capping your influence, income, and impact. You can only DO so much! This is why those entrepreneurs who fail to get the right systems and support in place in their business inevitably burn out or go out of business altogether, because it’s not a sustainable model for growing a successful company. It’s no joke that burnout is now a $300 billion industry in the U.S. alone and you know why? It’s largely because of entrepreneurial firm failure. Meaning, entrepreneurs like you and me, closing the doors on their dreams, because they’re too burnt out and overworked to go any further.

But I'm here to let you in on a secret: unlike effort, time, and money, which are all limited resources, there’s NO limit to systems and support you build into your business so you can step forth as the Visionary Leader you were born to be and practice visionary leadership. And guess what? When you get your business systems set up right on the back end, bringing in the sales and doing what you do best on the front end is going to feel so much easier! I mean, think about it — we see so many entrepreneurs struggling to scale beyond six figures, not knowing where to go to get support. More info than you can handle on marketing, but hardly anyone out there is teaching you how to set up the back end of your business systems for success. 

The REAL problem is that focusing only on marketing and sales is like washing a junkyard car. It might look shiny on the outside, but when you lift the hood, all that’s there is an old rusted engine. 

I don’t know when growing a business as an entrepreneur became like doing cross stitch - remember those? My grandma had them hanging all over her house. The front end is a work of art, but the back end is a hot mess. 

Unlike most business and marketing podcasts who only teach you the front-end of business, here we’re all about helping you clean up the back end. Why? Because we know that learning how to run and operate your biz like a true Visionary Leader is it’s the #1 fastest way to scale that business and create the greater influence, income, and impact you deserve. Practicing visionary leadership is the answer. 

We’re proud to say we’re globally ranked among the top shows in business and education and that our expertise has been sought by media outlets like Forbes, YFS Magazine, PopSugar, and Business News Daily for a reason: because here, teaching overworked entrepreneurs like you how to get the right systems, structure, and support in place so you can run your business like a true Visionary Leader and spend more time in your zone of genius ...is OUR zone of genius. Creating business systems is the only way to become successful. This also helps you learn about visionary leadership. 

And while learning how to operate your business like a true Visionary Leader is the primary focus inside the Systems Made Simple™ podcast, we also know it's equally important that you learn how to take better care of the Visionary Leader behind the business, too. Because a biz on its own is nothing without you — just like a ship is just a ship without a captain to steer it. So that’s why in addition to everything we teach you here about how to get the right back-end business systems and support in place, you’re also going to hear episodes dedicated exclusively to helping you learn tangible ways to step fully into your role as the Visionary Leader you’re meant to be so you can bring that big vision of yours to life. It’s all about implementing the right business systems and learning about visionary leadership. 

Speaking of incredible episodes, if you’re just joining us for the first time — welcome — the perfect place to start is with Episode 72: The 4 Systems Every Online Business Owner Needs, so you can see how your business measures up, and what systems (or lack thereof) might need your attention. 

But of course, don’t stop there. Every episode is jam packed with valuable resources, training, and guidance that’s rooted in my years of experience as a business consultant and coach, along with my background in psychology and emotional intelligence, along with lessons learned from a cancer diagnosis at 25 that caused me to wake up and realize I was working myself to death with nothing of substance to show for it.

Because I can remember back in the day at my former 9 to 5, I had first-hand experiences of working within businesses that were broken--without business systems. Not only was that incredibly frustrating for me as an employee, I could see how frustrating it was for the business owner(s) too because they were drowning in work and weren't gaining the traction they desperately needed. 

Then from there I transitioned from there into supporting other small business owners as their business manager, helping them get the right business systems, processes, and procedures in place so they could increase their profitability. (This was long before I opened the doors to The EffortLESS Life®). This was great, and I was able to help quite a few business owners, but at the end of the day there was still something missing. 

The one thing I noticed when I worked in these various roles through the years was that all of these business owners shared one common denominator: the problems they were experiencing (like cash flow, employee turnover, client turnover, and more) was directly linked to a lack of processes in their business. And in the world of entrepreneurship? The panic these problems create has become the real pandemic.

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you started your business because you have a great idea about how you/your product can help people. You have the skillset, plus you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, run your own business, set your own schedule, and be in charge of your financial future.

But while you’re in the process of perfecting the product, finding leads, delivering the product, gaining traction, and producing revenue, cracks start emerging in the back office.

Paperwork piles up. 

Contracts don’t get sent. 

Customers become irritated with the lack of follow-through. 

Scheduling and deadlines continually get pushed back.

Some months, cash flow is like a trickle. But billing gets deferred because you don't have enough time to do everything. 

 You recognize you need help and try to hire or outsource, but because you're so busy running the business, you have no time to train anyone. 

Plus, it's hard to find good people who can do it like you do, so you decide it’s quicker/cheaper/faster to do it yourself.

You’re trade time for dollars, and may or may not realize what it's costing you to continue doing it all yourself. After all, you only have so much time in a day, and you're limited by the amount of things you can do.

I get it--you have no business systems in place. This impacts your ability to practice visionary leadership. Your decision to work harder and longer to solve the problems you're experiencing is a common one. And it's based on the mistaken belief that you can hustle your way out of the hole. WRONG.

Most overworked business owners don't run a business. They've just created another job for themselves. 

They aren't living their dream because they're too busy building it. 

Sounds familiar? 

You know as well as I that the way you're working in your business right now isn't working

It's not your fault. You aren't broken! Your business systems are broken. And you've been conditioned to believe that to fix them, you have to work harder.

But there's a different way. I want to help you fix the leaks by teaching you how to get the right systems, support, and structure in place you need to scale your business sustainably. 

Imagine going on your next vacation without your laptop because you know your business will run without you there to save it. Imagine having those business systems in place.

Imagine what it'll be like to finally experience the freedom you've been working so hard to create — the freedom you started your business for in the first place. 

Imagine what it'll feel like to go from operator IN your business to owner OF your business. 

That’s why the Systems Made Simple™ podcast exists. To help you learn how to fully own and operate your business as the true Visionary Leader you’re meant to be. Visionary leadership is the key to success.

So, if you’re ready to learn step-by-step how to simplify your workflows, systematize your business, lead your team to greatness, learn about visionary leadership, and finally experience the true freedom you started your business for in the first place, then sit back, relax, and make sure you’re subscribed so you don't miss exclusive content, sneak peeks, bonus giveaways, and the opportunity to share your ideas for topics you’d like to see us cover here on the show. When you’re subscribed, you get all this and more so don’t miss out!

I’m glad that you’re here, I hope you like what you hear, and I can’t wait to teach you what I know about business systems… made simple.